This is just an update post for the last few and adding on.

3 week fitness challenge: it was for my health class; I finished it, only missing 2 days because my asthma was really bad and I couldn’t workout; Got an A on it; Got an A in the class. Other class grades are on their way in the next few days.

Job: I finally quit my job! I don’t want to give specifics as to what pushed me, other than my friends noticing how stressed I was and suggesting I quit my job. I am looking for another job, however. It’s not easy when everyone already hired for the winter rush.

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Teeth: after changing the date around a few times, I am getting my teeth out on Dec. 27th. So not looking forward to it. Like, I’m on the verge of cancelling, again.

Shows: Last I wrote, I was in Babes in Toyland and a show at my church. I quit Babes in Toyland because my school schedule conflicted too much. Just did the church musical. That went great. It was a good show and I actually enjoyed it. I volunteer on Wednesday nights anyway with those kids, so it was fun.

School: I don’t know how I am going to pay for school next semester. My last paycheck will only cover half of my books, and I haven’t payed my student fees yet. I actually can’t look at my grades until I pay the fees first. I finished all 6 finals last week, and now have 4 weeks off before school starts next year.

Books: since I got out of school 4 days ago, I have read 9 books. No joke. I’m actually getting tired of reading. Lol. I’m going to have to use the treadmill instead of using it as a coat rack.

Month 8: of not having an LA based job. My last one was in May, for the UCLA project. SUCKS to see your dream job being teased in your face, tangles in grasp, only for it to be ripped away, stomped on, lit on fire, and thrown in the trash. I am not giving up until my contact runs out (and even then, I’ll be looking for another agency), but I am so close to giving up. A friend of mine has made it in LA. I was in a show (The King and I) with her little brother. Just found out he was in a the new Cadillac commercial. Really? He moved in with her 4 months ago and already has a national commercial? I’ve had a contract almost 2 years and I have done almost nothing with it! I don’t get it! What am I doing wrong?


Forgetting about him, what can I do? What is there to do? I can’t move to LA, unless my parents want to, and that is out of the question. I am beyond frustrated. I almost don’t even want to post any of this because it could be bad for my rep, being seen as this desperate.

So true.

As bad as this is and it is already admitting defeat, I have decided what classes to take next semester (general psychology, public speaking, nutrition, beginning photography, and cardio-kickboxing), decided to cut my hair if my contract isn’t renewed, and decided to take a nutrition course next summer with the NFA ( i think they are called) to become a nutritionist in a gym. However, I need a job first to pay for the class.

I literally tear up because I miss Los Angeles ¬†so much. I miss it so much. I can’t even describe. I know I play it up and think of being much grander than what it really is at times, but it is what I want.

I decided the root of my problems (in a way) are either or a combination of two thing: time and money. I can’t afford to move to LA, I can’t afford to pay for acting class, I can’t afford to be in the pageant I interviewed for 3 weeks ago, I don’t have enough time with my contract.

Looking on the bright side: I applied for 22 scholarships for next fall semester in school. Any amount of them will be a great help. I am looking into three jobs right now, so not all hope is lost.

Hmm. This is making me depressed. I just decided my next post will be my new years resolutions, which I have already picked out. They are not depressing. It will balance out this post and save my rep. Lol.

New Year’s Resolution #1: less depressing posts! Lol. JK.

2014 is almost here so dont forget to plan your promises! ūüéÜūüéá‚úĆ


Tomorrow is Day One.

Day One of my 3 week fitness challenge that I CANNOT fail or stop. It is also my health class research project for the term.

Day One of getting back on track diet wise. No more Top Ramen noodles for breakfast.

Day One of getting things back on track. It’s been 10 months since the Pageant, and I have gained almost 10 pounds since then. I don’t want to be one of those completely skinny, hardly eats, “addicted” to running, Hollywood tan types, but I do want to get back in shape and just be healthy.

I know I have said this quite a few times and that is one of my personality faults, but my GPA depends on this. I will not pass this class unless I do the research project and I can’t do that unless I actually do the workouts.


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“Do all you can to make your dreams come true. “-Joel Osteen

Half-way through the semester! Woo-hoo! Mid-terms are this week. Already did Health, and got 100%. This week is Piano, History, and Theater. Next week is Family Life, with the term paper due this week.


My teachers are actually pretty cool this year.

Because life isn’t already intense enough, I threw in some other tings to add more stress. I am getting my wisdom teeth out on the 25th of this month. Without being knocked out. 4 days later, I am chaperoning a trip to the corn maze for the elementary kids. Hold on, there’s more. In addition to being in Babes in Toyland, I landed the lead in the children’s musical at church. Sounds like it’s easy, but it’s not. 45 minutes long, 12 songs, I have a long solo song, and I am in every scene. I already stated rehearsals for that. I start rehearsals for Babes 3 days after I get my teeth out, and I also start a late-star class that day.

Monday: school 11-5:20, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Tuesday: school 8-2:20, bible stud 7-10

Wednesday: school 11-5:20, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Thursday: school 8-2:20, rehearsal for church 5-6, school 6:30-9:30

Friday: work varied, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Saturday: work varied. rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Sunday: church 8-12, work varied

So, I have a small role in a large production and the lead role in a small production. In addition to 7 classes and work. Throw in some curve balls like getting my teeth out and needing time to do my stacks of homework, and that is my life.

I watched a promo video for The Queen of the Universe. BIG mistake! I miss L.A. SO MUCH! I can’t even say how much. How can you watch those clips and see those pictures and NOT want to be apart of it?! I passed over Highway 99 today and couldn’t help think how many hours I have spent on the road, early morning, late nights, trips to L.A., rented cars, truck stops, last minute script readings, crappy food, packed food, pillows and blankets and extra outfits strewn across the back seat.

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“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” -Nikos Kazantzaki

As much as I am discouraged right now, I am going to make this as positive I can.

I have been cast in a show for the winter, Babes in Toyland. I am only ensemble/townsperson, but it is better than nothing; granted, just showing up to the audition guarantees you an ensemble role. Along with the musical show, I am going to school (more than) full time at 15 units (7 classes), working part time at Forever 21 (still) and I volunteer at my church with the children’s program. I need to find a job before I can quit Forever 21, I have decided. School books cost about 4 times the amount I had expected, and I had to borrow money from my brother to buy them. Now I need this job, or any other, to pay him back ASAP.

My classes are Intro to Theater Arts, Weight Training, Beginning Piano, Career Awareness, Healthful Living, History 101, and Family Relationships. I haven’t totally ditched the dream of performing, as I am taking the Theater class, even though it is a lecture class, not performing. I am also taking the piano to help with my music skills. I start the weight training class this coming week and I am hoping so hard that I will be toned and lean by the end of the semester. It’s just an idea, but I was going to see about fit modeling. It is a very hard side to get into because getting and maintaining your body at an extreme definition is unbelievably hard.

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I added two more projects to my “Work Experience” page. I finally added add the “Gilmore Girls” project and I added this winter’s musical. Go ahead and check those out.

That’s all I have to report right now.

Free Hugs~ <3

“Home is where the heart is.” -Pliny the Elder

Home is where the heart is, but I don’t know where my heart is. I don’t even have a bedroom! I sleep on the couch and all my clothes are in my older sister’s room. Half my stuff is in the living room on the couch, floor, bookshelves, any surface.

My life is at a weird point right now. I’m going to quit my job at Forever 21. It is not a place where I feel comfortable talking to my supervisors freely and openly. I dread going to work. I don’t feel comfortable there. I’m fine with the work and the customers, but the people I work with are not the company I normally associate myself with. I don’t know. Just not comfortable is the only way I can describe it.

Psychology Facts

If I was allowed to use my phone at work, this is all I would be doing. Pretending to text.

Saving money is one of the hardest things in this family. It is actually impossible. If you don’t buy one thing to try and save, you can’t. It can easily be spent on something else. Our 1999 Ford Explorer took it’s final breath about ¬†a month ago and we had to buy a new car. Well, get a new to us but used car. A 2003 Ford Focus Wagon. So, we have those car payments. My oh so careful and innocent sister has been harsh to my computer and one of the hinges broke on my laptop, so I have it at the Geek Squad right now. I don’t know how much that will cost yet.

Tears to my eyes

I have not done anything model/acting-wise since the Fashion Show or CSULA student film. I don’t like that, but I also can’t change that. I don’t know where to start or what to do. There is one thing I want to do, but can’t. One of the girls from the Queen of the Universe Pageant is the director for a pageant in Hollywood and has invited me to do it. I missed the first orientation/casting date but there is another one this Sunday. I really want to do it. It is a preliminary for the Miss California, for the Miss United States, for the Miss Universe. I really want to do it, but I don’t have the funds or resources to do it. Prizes include a modeling contract. A real one where you do actual work.

And the best part? I knew this was true from the start, but there is a family member who believes I am only doing this because I believe I can get by in the world on looks and not have to actually do any work. Not only does his person think this, but is getting other family members on their side. I don’t think this at all! Modeling and acting is not an easy task! Modeling is not purely about the beauty of the model. It is the model selling what is being advertised. We don’t just stand there and look pretty. We have so many things we think about while on the job, and off. I might get into this subject a bit more in a different post. I don’t want this all to be a rant on different subjects.

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Almost all of my posts are kind of depressing and a downer, but this is all I think about and contemplate. This is how this part of my life is. I am friends of FaceBook with other models and actors and they always talk about booking, being on set, going to auditions, working out at the gym, going to the recording studio, whatever it might be. It makes me slightly jealous because I want what they have. The success, the happiness, loving your job, wanting to wake up in the morning. Yes, money is part of it, but only in that I want to help get my family financially back on track. To start a saving account, to go on a well deserved vacation, to visit my brother who is in the Marines, to say, “let’s go out for ice cream” and have to stop and think “if we do, we can’t afford dinner for the next few nights”.

I think one reason I read a lot of books id because I don’t have to worry about any of my problems and I can live in the life I want for a while. There are tons of books about people who are striving to become actors, models, happy with their job.

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Such a good movie about overcoming your environment to do what you want and what is right.

Books for happiness

In the meantime, I need to think things over. I don’t know what to do.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t remember where in my schedule my last post left off. Thursday and Friday I had the fashion show rehearsal and show. Thursday was a rehearsal from 5-9. It wasn’t very organized and my group didn’t get much done. On Friday, we were told to arrive at 9, an hour early to finish off from the night before in addition to the rehearsal. I got there and the theater was locked with a few people waiting outside, mostly my group. They finally opened the door at 9:15 and they gave us free reign of the stage and runway There was about 15 of us in the end, at 10 am. It really helped so many of the girls (and guys) to go again and again on the runway. They got so confident and weren’t scared of it anymore. They got used to it. You could see each time they went it was better than the time before. We had a regular rehearsal until about 1, had a lunch break until 2, and then we waited. Call wasn’t until 7 and the show was at 8, I think…I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, our designer was an alumni and didn’t exactly get first priority. The¬†graduating students did. So when the student’s hair and makeup team didn’t show up, they took ours and gave them to the students. So, we didn’t have a hair and makeup team. Yeah.¬†¬†We were on our own. I only brought my foundation because I was told I would be covered. The extent of my hair equipment was a hairbrush and one hair tie. There was no way I would have been able to get anything done and be stage ready. I managed to snag a makeup artist 15 minutes before call time for pictures and ended up taking about 30 minutes to do just my eyes. I had no idea what to do about hair, so I brushed it and left it down and parted to the side. After that, I had my pictures done, did the show and the 3rd group and largest with 13 models. There was some confusion about a finale so I actually changed into my street clothes after I had walked, but was then told to change back. I wasn’t the only one. My mom had dropped me off in the morning and was planning on picking me up later that evening after my brothers concert. He ended at the same time as me, and they still had to drive an hour to where I was. I hung out in the designers room. They ended up staying way later than I did, as they have been the week before the show to finish everything on time, cleaning up and organizing.


Saturday, I had a performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream and it went fantastic. We had¬†rehearsal¬†from 9-2, lunch 2-3, went over some scenes 3-3:30, and show at 4. It went flawlessly and I had such a great time. The cast was amazing. Probably the best cast I have ever been in.

Everything has been going smoothly. And now, I have nothing in my schedule, as far as I know. When you look at my calender book, I have a few things written every day for the first two weeks of this month, and then nothing for the rest. A giant cut off point. I have nothing planned, except working part time at Forever 21, but I have been thinking of quitting. I have been working there for almost two years and I worked 4 hours last week and none this week. I am at a dead end job working 4 hours every other week. I loose money because I pay more for the gas to get there and back than I do working there. I don’t know what to do. I need to be working. I have been turning in apps for other jobs, one of which I really want, but haven’t heard back from yet, and I don’t hear back from them. I don’t want to be unemployed, but I don’t want to work at Forever 21 anymore.

For now, I want to enjoy the summer. I want to travel to Los Angeles. I want to book roles, act, get paid enough to be able to go to another audition. I want to get my drivers license. I want to go on a mini vacation for the weekend. I want to have pool parties and have bon fires with s’mores. I doubt any of that will happen, but it’s nice to think about it.


“Happiness is a direction, not a place.” -Sydney J. Harris

I kind of feel¬†nostalgic. Its the end of the school year, I’m out of school, it’s summer, it’s warm out, we are having pool parties. I feel I can finally relax. After the Queen of the Universe, I went to school the next day. I can finally take a breather.

Okay, these past 2 days were kinda craze for me, as you know from my last post. I finished school on Tuesday with my acting final, which was perfect, my yoga final which was fast and easy, and my English final, which was also fast and easy. Wednesday, I worked 2-6, then went to rehearsal for A Midsummers Night Dream from 6:30-8:30. Thursday, I left home at 10 to Los Angeles. We arrived at CSU Los Angeles at about 3:30. I was set to film at 6 and I didn’t know a single line of my script. I went over it and over it until about 5:30 when one of the other actors showed up. We went over the script a few times and then went to the studio/sound stage where we filmed out scene. We had 6-7 to film it all. We rehearsed in the sound stage for about 20 minutes, got the camera crew ready with the shots, and we filmed until almost 7. I was horrible! Not with my acting, but with my lines. I could not remember half of them. I felt like scum for not knowing my lines. I didn’t go over them enough and I didn’t have them memorized. There were two parts that I had trouble with. We did not go through the scene all the way without stopping. After they called it a wrap, ¬†I¬†literally¬†said, “What? Really? We’re done?” I thought we were going to do it a few more times so they would actually have a¬†usable¬†shot of those two parts. This job was non-paying, but I do get a reel of it. Anyway, my mom and I drove to my dad’s cousin’s house in Fullerton by Disneyland. I just call her my aunt or cousin. We got there at about 8, talked until 9:30, and went to bed. We woke up and were gone by 6:15, got stuck in L.A.¬†morning¬†commute traffic for about an hour, got behind schedule, and arrived home at 12:55 in the afternoon. We grabbed food and left, again, by 1:20. I had a fitting at 3 in Stockton for a fashion show I will be in next weekend. I got there at ¬†2:50, tried on clothes for an hour, and then had a modeling workshop for the models in the show from 4-6. We thought it would have been longer because last year, it went like almost two hours overtime. We weren’t expecting to be home that early. Well, my three younger sisters had a concert that started at 7. We went to the concert, missing the first two groups, but before all the groups did a combined song for choir, and then the band. I left, went to Walmart, and was finally home from the two day’s travel. We had rented a car for the better gas¬†mileage¬† and we were actually the first people to rent it. It was new, off the lot. We put almost 800 miles on it. In two days. Today, I had a rehearsal from 11-2 for A Midsummer, but I didn’t go. I had a really bad asthma attack an hour before I had to leave. Plus, I was tired. I ended up taking a 5 hour nap. When I woke up, there was a pool party going on for the high school choir. I knew a few people in it, so I said hi and then went back inside and just watched movies.


My diet had been shot these last 3 days. I just could not eat healthy. It is hard to find grocery stores when you don’t know the town. We did stop at one on the way home from Los Angeles and I got a few apples and bananas. But other than that, I was eating KFC and drinking sodas. Actually, I didn’t eat much. On Thursday, I had a peanut butter an honey sandwich for breakfast, an egg salad sandwich for lunch, and grazed on some panda express rice and pork for dinner. Next day, I ended up eating 4 bananas for breakfast, KFC chicken bowl and a soda for lunch, and grazed the rest of the day on jerky, pretzels, nuts, and Triscuit crackers. Tomato and sweet basil. They tasted like pizza and I finished the rest of the box today. Amazing. Today was 4 bananas and nuts, then I slept for 5 hours, had lots of soda, spaghetti with a little cheese on it, and more soda. I need to be careful. Almost all my acne is from a bad diet. The other part is generally from sleeping in my makeup, which I have been doing recently. It’s so hard to eat healthy when you don’t have money. We started a garden, but it won’t start producing food for about a 6-8 weeks.


My schedule went from super busy with finals on Tuesday, work and rehearsal Wednesday, traveling and filming on Thursday, traveling and fitting/workshop and a concert on Friday, to only having rehearsals in the evenings. And the fashion rehearsal and shows, fashion and Shakespeare, this weekend. Then my schedule is¬†completely¬†open. There is nothing in my schedule, except for work once or twice a week. I love being busy with stuff to do, but I also love taking a breather, taking a 5 hour nap without worrying if I should be studying or memorizing something instead of sleeping. But doing that for the next 3 months? Not my cup of tea. I’d rather enjoy it for just a few days at a time.


I do have a few goals for this summer and I’m not doing any shows because they are a bit too raunchy for me. I need something to do! Some paying jobs. My part-time job here is horribly part-time. I worked 4 hours this week. I need more hours for more money so I can actually go on auditions to make money to go on more.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart

Rehearsal for the role I got was two days ago. Before anybody else was there, I asked what the project was about and here is what I got. The project it called Gilmore Girls, being filmed in the studio on campus . In the rehearsal, we went through the script about 5 times, adding blocking, talked about costumes, makeup, snacks, how long it will take to film, and then the director, Mabel, showed us where we were going to film on Thursday. We started at 4:30 and were done with everything by 5:15. Then, drove home by 11:30 pm. It was all very chill. We rehearsed in the courtyard near the theater. I went out today to buy a shirt for the part of Lorelai. Nobody in my house, girl wise, owns a blue shirt/blouse/thing. My wardrobe in a blue shirt, jeans, heals, hair down, smokey eye makeup. We do our own hair and makeup and wardrobe. I get a copy of the scene on DVD about 2 weeks after we film. Awesome! I will finally have something to put on my acting reel.



My mom pointed out that because we are traveling so far and spending money, maybe they can reimburse us money for the rental car for the 2 of the 3 trips plus gas, at the very least. I hope. The email said deferred pay, but was never discussed. I don’t want to determine a project by the pay, but because of our finances, I need to get paid enough to at least cover gas and rental cars.


My family got called to do a reality show for 3 days. If we get it, I won’t say much about it until after we film. If we don’t I’ll tell you about it. Its more for safety reasons and respect of the show to not give it away…just yet.


The cast list came out for A Midsummers Night Dream and I am going to play the part of Moth, a¬†fairy¬† I only have one line, but I’ll be missing like 5 rehearsals in the next 3 weeks. Plus the two rehearsals right before the performance. Its my storm after the calm. I can only hope my storm lasts a while. Lol. I like being busy, but not having to miss something to do another. I want to do both. Ah, well, ’tis life. ūüôā


“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” -Bernard Meltzer

It’s about time! It has finally worked. I didn’t go down to L.A. to get told no at an acting audition! This is only the second time I actually got a yes from an interview or audition. The first was the Queen of the Universe Pageant, and now…


I got a role! The one I auditioned for on Monday in Los Angeles. Well, I didn’t get the role I auditioned for, I got that role’s mom. Apparently, I look more like a 34 year-old mom than a 16 year old high school student. I don’t think I will ever loose the¬†enthusiasm when I get a role. I might be more excited than others, but I will always get so happy and excited. That day just went so smoothly that it only seemed right. It was the icing on the cake. And I actually feel like it was worth it. All the times I didn’t get the part, I could have just not gone and it wouldn’t have made a difference, except that we would have our gas money back. Then again, I wouldn’t have known unless I went. I am also relieved I didn’t make a trip to come back empty handed. Not only do I feel bummed when I don’t get a role, I also feel guilty for even going because I just wasted time and gas and money. I doubt this job will pay enough to make up for the money aspect, but the experience might help me get more jobs when people see it on my acting resume.Then, it will eventually pay off. I just hope if I get a role in the student film at my college, that the dates don’t clash.


I haven’t done a “through my eyes” yet on Monday’s audition. We left the house at about 6:40 to get my sisters to school and my older sister dropped me and my mom off at the car rental place. We waited outside until 7:30 when they opened,¬†embarrassing. We go ton the road at about 8. No traffic on the way down. We arrived at Cal State Los Angeles at about 1 and I hung out in the room until 1:40 when the woman auditioned me. It was so chill and casual. We were in a study room with about 8 people studying. I knew the scene and did it once with her reading the other parts. Off her phone. Yeah. I was the first person there and was still the only person when I left. It was kinda hard to do the scene because¬†the room was quite with other random people studying for finals. We were out of there and on the freeway by 2:15. No traffic on the way home. My sister had a concert at 7:30 and we were so determined to get there! So we drove, making two quick stops, and made it into the lobby in time to hear the first note. Crazy! I was at my sisters concert, and band final, when I had been in Los Angeles just 5 hours before!¬†I have a pre-production meeting in Los Angeles on Friday. Tomorrow. We are leaving at bout 8 to rent a car, again. It costs less to rent a car, gas wise, and wear-and-tear wise on our cars.


What’s weird is this kinda looks like the road from Northern California to Southern California into the Tajone Pass, or the Grapevine. I know its not, but looks like it. I really like this picture. It is so true.

I finally turned in that 10 page paper and I got a 1% similarity score on it. My teacher turned one in and he got a 3%. We have to keep it under 8%. However, I keep looking over it and I just realized I screwed up my works cited page. I didn’t put them in order or italicize the cites from the web. I’m gonna stop looking at it now.


I have something going on every day until the 12th on May. Rehearsals, workshops, performances, a fashion show, and work in general. Honestly, I don’t really feel all that stressed out. I was more stressed out in my last post, even while writing it, but I am fine now. I could always go for a shoulder/back massage, though. ūüėČ


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, in no time flat, my schedule had filled up. Again. It’s almost as bad as that one week last year. I’ll have a link to that post at the bottom. I have 2 audition, finals, a fashion show, and a show in the next 3 weeks. Here is my schedule for the next 2 or 3 weeks:

Sunday- church, write 10 page essay and turn in online, memorize sides for Monday’s audition.

Monday- Leave at 7 am for Los Angeles. Audition at 2. Memorize Tuesday’s 10 page script on the way home from Los Angeles.

Tuesday- rehearsal performance in Acting class, yoga class, go over Tuesdays sides, English class.

Wednesday- audition at callback for the student film I did about a month ago, revise English paper and turn in.

Thursday- Regular classes, look at “Midsummer Night’s Dream” script.

Friday- Modeling Workshop for Delta CC in Sacramento 4-10

Saturday, Sunday- Look at “Midsummer Night’s Dream” script.

Monday- Rehearsal for Shakespeare.

Tuesday- Acting final 9:30-12:20, Yoga final 12:45-3:35, English final 4-6:50. Miss rehearsal.

Wednesday- Rehearsal.

Thursday- Dress rehearsal for fashion show in Sacramento 10am-10pm.

Friday- Fashion show 10am-10pm.

Saturday- Performance of Shakespeare.



If English and Yoga were totally eliminated, paper and all, from my schedule, that would make me really happy. I am honestly not sure if I can do the Shakespeare show. I really want to do it, though. I am okay with missing rehearsals, even the two final dress rehearsals, but I’m not sure the director will. Oh, the director is in the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. That’s the company putting this on. We are using their costumes, too. Awesome!


I just have to trust that God will watch me and keep a steady hand on my shoulder to protect me. He is always there, even in the scary parts of life.


Ever since I changed my diet, my acne has almost¬†completely¬†cleared up. I haven’t done anything too radical, but I pretty much only eat fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, and the only grain I will eat is bread, usually organic from the brand Eureka, or the bread from a stand at my farmers market I go to every other week. It’s every Saturday, but I get paid every two weeks. I usually cook my veggies. I was going to try raw vegan, but I couldn’t stand it more than half a day. I still eat eggs, and I eat honey. I buy local honey, mostly for my allergies.


Here’s the post: