What Happened to Me?

Why have I been missing from here?

Because I have been missing from my acting life.

Soon after my brother passed away, my parents realized that my health is constantly in jeopardy. I’m not severely sick, but very fragile.I’m in the hospital every 2 months and my health is declining. After research, I have contacted a few other CF patients who have recovered their health simply by living near the beach. The salty air has done them wonders!

What started out as a small off-hand remark about moving sparked into home viewings in a matter of hours. It is now a month later, and we are in double escrow: we accepted an offer on our house and the other homeowner accepted our offer.

We are currently 2 hours inland from San Francisco. We are moving 6 hours north to a small town in Humboldt County. There, we will be 20 minutes from the ocean and in the Redwood Forest with clean air and cooler weather.

I have been documenting some of the moving process and have posted them on YouTube. I will post the videos below in order. 🙂


Where we currently live is 6 hours north of Los Angeles. Add the 6 hours we are moving to and we will be 12 hours away from Los Angeles. As you can see, acting in L.A. will be impossible to do as we have done in a day trip.

However, we recently discovered that San Francisco also has main film and acting jobs, too. Once we get settled after the move, we will approach the idea of acting in the Bay Area and San Francisco, as that will be a 4 hour drive. Easily done in a day.

So for now, there is no definable date for when I will start film acting again.