“Good things happen to those who hustle.” -Chuck Noll

It has been rough lately. By rough, I mean I am not where I want to be, in my life. My last job in Los Angeles was months ago. School started again yesterday and I am taking 15 units. I changed my major this past summer to an A.A. in Art so I can transfer into Interior Design. Because I have taken an excessive amount of classes without getting a degree, I have to petition to get my FAFSA money reinstated. My scholarship will be available med-September, but classes started yesterday. I don’t know what to do about books and art supplies that I need in the next few days.

Where I want to be is having already graduated from this junior college with an A.A. in Art and transferred to a University for Interior Design, probably already graduated there too. I want to be living in Southern California in my own apartment. I want to be going to auditions and booking jobs while being an Interior Designer in my spare time.

As far as my Los Angeles life, I have decided to juggle L.A. trips on the weekend and school on week days as best as I can, but school will come first. For this semester. Next Spring, I will take as many classes as I can on just two days a week and do as many online as I can. Spring is ‘Pilot Season’ and auditions will be coming one after another. That’s as far as I have planned for now. My mom has been getting jobs for herself, such as a Walmart commercial and a reenactment with National Geographic. It’s great that she is doing this. I’m just kind of wishing I was going down too for jobs for myself. Not just auditions. I want paying jobs I can put on my resume.

A few weeks ago, I was able to hang out with an actor, Todd Giebenhain, and he basically said I don’t really have a chance of getting any major roles unless I live in the area. I so desperately want to move to Los Angeles but I can’t afford it! I don’t know how people leave home with $200 in their pocket and start a new life in a new place. What about a place to stay? A job? Groceries until your first paycheck? How does that happen?

Things take time but I always feel like I’m running out of time. I want things to happen now or next week.


One thought on ““Good things happen to those who hustle.” -Chuck Noll

  1. Hang in there. Life’s a struggle, maybe not for everyone, but for us it is. But if you work hard and you put the things your heart is passionate about first and keep your mind strong, you will get there. When you do get there, you will be that much more happy and filled with joy because you know your path wasn’t paved with gold. It was bumpy. It was sandy and many times you came across road blocks. But the end of the road is something to look forward to. If it be next week or twenty years from now, you at least got to where you were heading. And remember, sometimes things change and change can be good. Continue to give yourself the time to enjoy life as well. But most importantly, always give God the glory. He is the one that makes things happen if we see him working right under our nose, or have the hardest time finding one once of His doing, He is there, helping you. Proud of you!

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