“Good things happen to those who hustle.” -Chuck Noll

It has been rough lately. By rough, I mean I am not where I want to be, in my life. My last job in Los Angeles was months ago. School started again yesterday and I am taking 15 units. I changed my major this past summer to an A.A. in Art so I can transfer into Interior Design. Because I have taken an excessive amount of classes without getting a degree, I have to petition to get my FAFSA money reinstated. My scholarship will be available med-September, but classes started yesterday. I don’t know what to do about books and art supplies that I need in the next few days.

Where I want to be is having already graduated from this junior college with an A.A. in Art and transferred to a University for Interior Design, probably already graduated there too. I want to be living in Southern California in my own apartment. I want to be going to auditions and booking jobs while being an Interior Designer in my spare time.

As far as my Los Angeles life, I have decided to juggle L.A. trips on the weekend and school on week days as best as I can, but school will come first. For this semester. Next Spring, I will take as many classes as I can on just two days a week and do as many online as I can. Spring is ‘Pilot Season’ and auditions will be coming one after another. That’s as far as I have planned for now. My mom has been getting jobs for herself, such as a Walmart commercial and a reenactment with National Geographic. It’s great that she is doing this. I’m just kind of wishing I was going down too for jobs for myself. Not just auditions. I want paying jobs I can put on my resume.

A few weeks ago, I was able to hang out with an actor, Todd Giebenhain, and he basically said I don’t really have a chance of getting any major roles unless I live in the area. I so desperately want to move to Los Angeles but I can’t afford it! I don’t know how people leave home with $200 in their pocket and start a new life in a new place. What about a place to stay? A job? Groceries until your first paycheck? How does that happen?

Things take time but I always feel like I’m running out of time. I want things to happen now or next week.