“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” -Oprah Winfrey

For the year 2013, my blog reached 76 countries! Greece, Italy, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Norway to name a few of the 76! Let’s keep it going and reach a larger audience! Help keep me motivated!

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As I have mentioned on my Facebook fan page on probably on my last post, I want to share some (not all) resolutions for this coming year. I know some will be broken, but it doesn’t hurt to try. These are not in order because I skipped writing them down because they are personal or you don’t need to hear them.

1) Do some form of exercise 5 or 6 days a week- don’t forget, you own a treadmill for those rainy days!

5) Make a new friend in all your classes

6) Book a commercial- or even better, a movie!

8) Get a driver’s license- seriously, you are almost 21. Just do it!

10) Don’t get behind in school- shoot for a GPA 3.5 or higher!

11) Get a new job- don’t be lazy about it. You need the money!

15) Stay organized- keep your room, backpack, and homework area clean!

17) Get back into playing tennis- Great-Great Uncle Glen got you started on it and no reason to stop!

I actually have about 18 resolutions and some are pretty ambitious, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Write a good book...

4 days ago, I got two of my wisdom teeth out and I have decided something. NEVER. AGAIN. EVER. NOPE.  I still need the other two out, but… no. I have been through some pretty physically painful stuff in my life, but that experience was pushing to spot #1.  Worst thing ever. I wasn’t put to sleep for it and I refuse to get the other two out unless I am. It took 3 days for it to stop bleeding. It is now 5 days later and is still sore and swollen. I have been on a very soft food/liquid diet since then, and it is starting to take a toll on me. I woke up today very weak and tired, and sleeping didn’t change that. I had a few moments today that I thought there was a possibility I was going to pass out, and once I had a small anxiety attack. (Small tangent- I was put on a pain killer, which I never took because I don’t use pain killer ever unless I am crying I am in so much pain, and Penicillin for an imaginary infection, which I also never took. Its like doing chemo because you could have cancer in the future, but don’t now. Unnecessary. Plus, I don’t see the oral surgeon as a real doctor who should be prescribing the strongest antibiotic possible for an infection I don’t have.) I have been staying with my great-grandmother and her daughter to help with cooking and cleaning since my great-aunt (?) got home from the hospital from breaking her arm after she passed out from not eating because she started chemo. At least all I have to do here is cook, light cleaning and watch TV with them. This is going off on tangent #2 now, but I am a germaphobe about a lot of things. One of them is showers. I can’t shower in the same shower as either of them. No offense to them, but I can’t. I have to go home every few days for an hour to shower.

Vampire academy movie

That’s hot. Lol.

Anyway, 2014 is started now, I don’t ever want to repeat getting my teeth out but I will have to eventually, I miss solid food, and I am hoping and praying so hard that 2014 will be a great year. I have written down what I have defined 2014 being a great year, but we will have to see how things play out. Resolutions #1, 6, 8, 10, and 11 are near/are at the top of the list.

School doesn’t start until the 13th, so I have about 2 weeks left off before school starts. Last year this time, I was in the hospital for pneumonia. So far, this year is off to a better start. Lets hope the beginning, middle and end are better than 2013. For everybody.


Happy New Years!! :D

… Don’t judge. It’s true, for now!