Tomorrow is Day One.

Day One of my 3 week fitness challenge that I CANNOT fail or stop. It is also my health class research project for the term.

Day One of getting back on track diet wise. No more Top Ramen noodles for breakfast.

Day One of getting things back on track. It’s been 10 months since the Pageant, and I have gained almost 10 pounds since then. I don’t want to be one of those completely skinny, hardly eats, “addicted” to running, Hollywood tan types, but I do want to get back in shape and just be healthy.

I know I have said this quite a few times and that is one of my personality faults, but my GPA depends on this. I will not pass this class unless I do the research project and I can’t do that unless I actually do the workouts.


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“Do all you can to make your dreams come true. “-Joel Osteen

Half-way through the semester! Woo-hoo! Mid-terms are this week. Already did Health, and got 100%. This week is Piano, History, and Theater. Next week is Family Life, with the term paper due this week.


My teachers are actually pretty cool this year.

Because life isn’t already intense enough, I threw in some other tings to add more stress. I am getting my wisdom teeth out on the 25th of this month. Without being knocked out. 4 days later, I am chaperoning a trip to the corn maze for the elementary kids. Hold on, there’s more. In addition to being in Babes in Toyland, I landed the lead in the children’s musical at church. Sounds like it’s easy, but it’s not. 45 minutes long, 12 songs, I have a long solo song, and I am in every scene. I already stated rehearsals for that. I start rehearsals for Babes 3 days after I get my teeth out, and I also start a late-star class that day.

Monday: school 11-5:20, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Tuesday: school 8-2:20, bible stud 7-10

Wednesday: school 11-5:20, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Thursday: school 8-2:20, rehearsal for church 5-6, school 6:30-9:30

Friday: work varied, rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Saturday: work varied. rehearsal with MPA 6-10

Sunday: church 8-12, work varied

So, I have a small role in a large production and the lead role in a small production. In addition to 7 classes and work. Throw in some curve balls like getting my teeth out and needing time to do my stacks of homework, and that is my life.

I watched a promo video for The Queen of the Universe. BIG mistake! I miss L.A. SO MUCH! I can’t even say how much. How can you watch those clips and see those pictures and NOT want to be apart of it?! I passed over Highway 99 today and couldn’t help think how many hours I have spent on the road, early morning, late nights, trips to L.A., rented cars, truck stops, last minute script readings, crappy food, packed food, pillows and blankets and extra outfits strewn across the back seat.

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