“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” -Nikos Kazantzaki

As much as I am discouraged right now, I am going to make this as positive I can.

I have been cast in a show for the winter, Babes in Toyland. I am only ensemble/townsperson, but it is better than nothing; granted, just showing up to the audition guarantees you an ensemble role. Along with the musical show, I am going to school (more than) full time at 15 units (7 classes), working part time at Forever 21 (still) and I volunteer at my church with the children’s program. I need to find a job before I can quit Forever 21, I have decided. School books cost about 4 times the amount I had expected, and I had to borrow money from my brother to buy them. Now I need this job, or any other, to pay him back ASAP.

My classes are Intro to Theater Arts, Weight Training, Beginning Piano, Career Awareness, Healthful Living, History 101, and Family Relationships. I haven’t totally ditched the dream of performing, as I am taking the Theater class, even though it is a lecture class, not performing. I am also taking the piano to help with my music skills. I start the weight training class this coming week and I am hoping so hard that I will be toned and lean by the end of the semester. It’s just an idea, but I was going to see about fit modeling. It is a very hard side to get into because getting and maintaining your body at an extreme definition is unbelievably hard.

Never Give Up On Someone Who Means So Much To You. | via Facebook

I added two more projects to my “Work Experience” page. I finally added add the “Gilmore Girls” project and I added this winter’s musical. Go ahead and check those out.

That’s all I have to report right now.

Free Hugs~ <3


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