“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t remember where in my schedule my last post left off. Thursday and Friday I had the fashion show rehearsal and show. Thursday was a rehearsal from 5-9. It wasn’t very organized and my group didn’t get much done. On Friday, we were told to arrive at 9, an hour early to finish off from the night before in addition to the rehearsal. I got there and the theater was locked with a few people waiting outside, mostly my group. They finally opened the door at 9:15 and they gave us free reign of the stage and runway There was about 15 of us in the end, at 10 am. It really helped so many of the girls (and guys) to go again and again on the runway. They got so confident and weren’t scared of it anymore. They got used to it. You could see each time they went it was better than the time before. We had a regular rehearsal until about 1, had a lunch break until 2, and then we waited. Call wasn’t until 7 and the show was at 8, I think…I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, our designer was an alumni and didn’t exactly get first priority. The graduating students did. So when the student’s hair and makeup team didn’t show up, they took ours and gave them to the students. So, we didn’t have a hair and makeup team. Yeah.  We were on our own. I only brought my foundation because I was told I would be covered. The extent of my hair equipment was a hairbrush and one hair tie. There was no way I would have been able to get anything done and be stage ready. I managed to snag a makeup artist 15 minutes before call time for pictures and ended up taking about 30 minutes to do just my eyes. I had no idea what to do about hair, so I brushed it and left it down and parted to the side. After that, I had my pictures done, did the show and the 3rd group and largest with 13 models. There was some confusion about a finale so I actually changed into my street clothes after I had walked, but was then told to change back. I wasn’t the only one. My mom had dropped me off in the morning and was planning on picking me up later that evening after my brothers concert. He ended at the same time as me, and they still had to drive an hour to where I was. I hung out in the designers room. They ended up staying way later than I did, as they have been the week before the show to finish everything on time, cleaning up and organizing.


Saturday, I had a performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream and it went fantastic. We had rehearsal from 9-2, lunch 2-3, went over some scenes 3-3:30, and show at 4. It went flawlessly and I had such a great time. The cast was amazing. Probably the best cast I have ever been in.

Everything has been going smoothly. And now, I have nothing in my schedule, as far as I know. When you look at my calender book, I have a few things written every day for the first two weeks of this month, and then nothing for the rest. A giant cut off point. I have nothing planned, except working part time at Forever 21, but I have been thinking of quitting. I have been working there for almost two years and I worked 4 hours last week and none this week. I am at a dead end job working 4 hours every other week. I loose money because I pay more for the gas to get there and back than I do working there. I don’t know what to do. I need to be working. I have been turning in apps for other jobs, one of which I really want, but haven’t heard back from yet, and I don’t hear back from them. I don’t want to be unemployed, but I don’t want to work at Forever 21 anymore.

For now, I want to enjoy the summer. I want to travel to Los Angeles. I want to book roles, act, get paid enough to be able to go to another audition. I want to get my drivers license. I want to go on a mini vacation for the weekend. I want to have pool parties and have bon fires with s’mores. I doubt any of that will happen, but it’s nice to think about it.



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