“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart

Rehearsal for the role I got was two days ago. Before anybody else was there, I asked what the project was about and here is what I got. The project it called Gilmore Girls, being filmed in the studio on campus . In the rehearsal, we went through the script about 5 times, adding blocking, talked about costumes, makeup, snacks, how long it will take to film, and then the director, Mabel, showed us where we were going to film on Thursday. We started at 4:30 and were done with everything by 5:15. Then, drove home by 11:30 pm. It was all very chill. We rehearsed in the courtyard near the theater. I went out today to buy a shirt for the part of Lorelai. Nobody in my house, girl wise, owns a blue shirt/blouse/thing. My wardrobe in a blue shirt, jeans, heals, hair down, smokey eye makeup. We do our own hair and makeup and wardrobe. I get a copy of the scene on DVD about 2 weeks after we film. Awesome! I will finally have something to put on my acting reel.



My mom pointed out that because we are traveling so far and spending money, maybe they can reimburse us money for the rental car for the 2 of the 3 trips plus gas, at the very least. I hope. The email said deferred pay, but was never discussed. I don’t want to determine a project by the pay, but because of our finances, I need to get paid enough to at least cover gas and rental cars.


My family got called to do a reality show for 3 days. If we get it, I won’t say much about it until after we film. If we don’t I’ll tell you about it. Its more for safety reasons and respect of the show to not give it away…just yet.


The cast list came out for A Midsummers Night Dream and I am going to play the part of Moth, a fairy  I only have one line, but I’ll be missing like 5 rehearsals in the next 3 weeks. Plus the two rehearsals right before the performance. Its my storm after the calm. I can only hope my storm lasts a while. Lol. I like being busy, but not having to miss something to do another. I want to do both. Ah, well, ’tis life. 🙂



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