“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” -Bernard Meltzer

It’s about time! It has finally worked. I didn’t go down to L.A. to get told no at an acting audition! This is only the second time I actually got a yes from an interview or audition. The first was the Queen of the Universe Pageant, and now…


I got a role! The one I auditioned for on Monday in Los Angeles. Well, I didn’t get the role I auditioned for, I got that role’s mom. Apparently, I look more like a 34 year-old mom than a 16 year old high school student. I don’t think I will ever loose the enthusiasm when I get a role. I might be more excited than others, but I will always get so happy and excited. That day just went so smoothly that it only seemed right. It was the icing on the cake. And I actually feel like it was worth it. All the times I didn’t get the part, I could have just not gone and it wouldn’t have made a difference, except that we would have our gas money back. Then again, I wouldn’t have known unless I went. I am also relieved I didn’t make a trip to come back empty handed. Not only do I feel bummed when I don’t get a role, I also feel guilty for even going because I just wasted time and gas and money. I doubt this job will pay enough to make up for the money aspect, but the experience might help me get more jobs when people see it on my acting resume.Then, it will eventually pay off. I just hope if I get a role in the student film at my college, that the dates don’t clash.


I haven’t done a “through my eyes” yet on Monday’s audition. We left the house at about 6:40 to get my sisters to school and my older sister dropped me and my mom off at the car rental place. We waited outside until 7:30 when they opened, embarrassing. We go ton the road at about 8. No traffic on the way down. We arrived at Cal State Los Angeles at about 1 and I hung out in the room until 1:40 when the woman auditioned me. It was so chill and casual. We were in a study room with about 8 people studying. I knew the scene and did it once with her reading the other parts. Off her phone. Yeah. I was the first person there and was still the only person when I left. It was kinda hard to do the scene because the room was quite with other random people studying for finals. We were out of there and on the freeway by 2:15. No traffic on the way home. My sister had a concert at 7:30 and we were so determined to get there! So we drove, making two quick stops, and made it into the lobby in time to hear the first note. Crazy! I was at my sisters concert, and band final, when I had been in Los Angeles just 5 hours before! I have a pre-production meeting in Los Angeles on Friday. Tomorrow. We are leaving at bout 8 to rent a car, again. It costs less to rent a car, gas wise, and wear-and-tear wise on our cars.


What’s weird is this kinda looks like the road from Northern California to Southern California into the Tajone Pass, or the Grapevine. I know its not, but looks like it. I really like this picture. It is so true.

I finally turned in that 10 page paper and I got a 1% similarity score on it. My teacher turned one in and he got a 3%. We have to keep it under 8%. However, I keep looking over it and I just realized I screwed up my works cited page. I didn’t put them in order or italicize the cites from the web. I’m gonna stop looking at it now.


I have something going on every day until the 12th on May. Rehearsals, workshops, performances, a fashion show, and work in general. Honestly, I don’t really feel all that stressed out. I was more stressed out in my last post, even while writing it, but I am fine now. I could always go for a shoulder/back massage, though. 😉



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