I have a few things I want to say and I want to say them all at the same time. I am in a really, really good mood. Like, really. 🙂

On Friday, we got a call from a woman who works on the Jeff Probst Show called us and told us they are finally airing our episode! August 21st, Wednesday. Over a year from when we filmed it… Jeez. It was that long ago? Last summer. And it is almost summer now. Time flies.


Today, Saturday, was the first day the farmer’s market has been open for this season. Yey! So much yummy, organic, local fresh fruits and veggies! In total, we spent about $40. We being my older sister and I. Let’s see if I can remember what we bought. Arugula, 9 tomatoes, a loaf of honey wheat bread, a load of banana nut bread, a pound of pistachios, a pound of almonds, sun dried tomatoes, 2 onions, and 4 cucumbers. I bought some food on Thursday night at Food Maxx, so I also have a few mangoes, some bananas, and some strawberries (On sale for $1 a box). We were only there this morning and I swear, this stuff is so good, it’s going to be gone by Tuesday. Every last bit of it. I’m already almost out of strawberries, sun dried tomatoes, and both breads. I made an arugula, strawberry, EVOO, tomato, banana, almond salad for lunch and dinner. Giant ones. I had breakfast when I got home at about 11:30 and I made a sandwich with the honey wheat bread, EVOO, tomatoes, and arugula. That bread is the most amazing bread  I have ever had. I keep raving about the farmers market but this was the first time I have gone and actually bought food. I also want to give some insight on this aspect of shopping and food that many people don’t use to their advantage. I have been cleaning up my act and my food choices. I did a bit of research between Paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. I was going to do raw vegan, but I can’t afford a food processor/juicer. Vegetarian includes dairy, but I haven’t had dairy in like 2 months. I don’t think I will ever go back to consuming dairy products. I did some research about what’s really in milk and its so gross. So, I guess Paleo is the right choice for me. Paleo is also known as the caveman diet. It is basically vegan plus meat. You only eat what a caveman would. Fruits, veggies, and meat. I have been really good about it for like the past week or two.


Earlier today, Saturday, I saw my friend in House at Pooh Corner at The Gallo Center and it was so cute! It was kinda weird because there were all these moms and dads with their 3-7 year old kids. And then there is my mom with her 20 year old daughter. But it was such a different experience with a younger audience. That and I had never actually seen a show in that theater. I have performed in 3 shows on that stage, though. At the end, the characters went into the lobby to take pictures with the kids and that was really cool. I know most of the cast, so it was great to see them interact with kids and perform in a totally different  type of show and atmosphere.


So cute. I would totally see it over and over again. And again.

Besides getting that call from Jeff Probst’s people, the farmers market, and seeing a great show, my family, showcasing my mom, is going to be on the news in Sacramento news this coming week, Friday morning. My mom wrote a book and they are doing a story on it. All that plus getting an “A” on an English paper after not getting very good grades on the last 3 papers have put me in a super good mood. 🙂

Over and out.


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