“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart

Rehearsal for the role I got was two days ago. Before anybody else was there, I asked what the project was about and here is what I got. The project it called Gilmore Girls, being filmed in the studio on campus . In the rehearsal, we went through the script about 5 times, adding blocking, talked about costumes, makeup, snacks, how long it will take to film, and then the director, Mabel, showed us where we were going to film on Thursday. We started at 4:30 and were done with everything by 5:15. Then, drove home by 11:30 pm. It was all very chill. We rehearsed in the courtyard near the theater. I went out today to buy a shirt for the part of Lorelai. Nobody in my house, girl wise, owns a blue shirt/blouse/thing. My wardrobe in a blue shirt, jeans, heals, hair down, smokey eye makeup. We do our own hair and makeup and wardrobe. I get a copy of the scene on DVD about 2 weeks after we film. Awesome! I will finally have something to put on my acting reel.



My mom pointed out that because we are traveling so far and spending money, maybe they can reimburse us money for the rental car for the 2 of the 3 trips plus gas, at the very least. I hope. The email said deferred pay, but was never discussed. I don’t want to determine a project by the pay, but because of our finances, I need to get paid enough to at least cover gas and rental cars.


My family got called to do a reality show for 3 days. If we get it, I won’t say much about it until after we film. If we don’t I’ll tell you about it. Its more for safety reasons and respect of the show to not give it away…just yet.


The cast list came out for A Midsummers Night Dream and I am going to play the part of Moth, a fairy  I only have one line, but I’ll be missing like 5 rehearsals in the next 3 weeks. Plus the two rehearsals right before the performance. Its my storm after the calm. I can only hope my storm lasts a while. Lol. I like being busy, but not having to miss something to do another. I want to do both. Ah, well, ’tis life. 🙂



“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” -Bernard Meltzer

It’s about time! It has finally worked. I didn’t go down to L.A. to get told no at an acting audition! This is only the second time I actually got a yes from an interview or audition. The first was the Queen of the Universe Pageant, and now…


I got a role! The one I auditioned for on Monday in Los Angeles. Well, I didn’t get the role I auditioned for, I got that role’s mom. Apparently, I look more like a 34 year-old mom than a 16 year old high school student. I don’t think I will ever loose the enthusiasm when I get a role. I might be more excited than others, but I will always get so happy and excited. That day just went so smoothly that it only seemed right. It was the icing on the cake. And I actually feel like it was worth it. All the times I didn’t get the part, I could have just not gone and it wouldn’t have made a difference, except that we would have our gas money back. Then again, I wouldn’t have known unless I went. I am also relieved I didn’t make a trip to come back empty handed. Not only do I feel bummed when I don’t get a role, I also feel guilty for even going because I just wasted time and gas and money. I doubt this job will pay enough to make up for the money aspect, but the experience might help me get more jobs when people see it on my acting resume.Then, it will eventually pay off. I just hope if I get a role in the student film at my college, that the dates don’t clash.


I haven’t done a “through my eyes” yet on Monday’s audition. We left the house at about 6:40 to get my sisters to school and my older sister dropped me and my mom off at the car rental place. We waited outside until 7:30 when they opened, embarrassing. We go ton the road at about 8. No traffic on the way down. We arrived at Cal State Los Angeles at about 1 and I hung out in the room until 1:40 when the woman auditioned me. It was so chill and casual. We were in a study room with about 8 people studying. I knew the scene and did it once with her reading the other parts. Off her phone. Yeah. I was the first person there and was still the only person when I left. It was kinda hard to do the scene because the room was quite with other random people studying for finals. We were out of there and on the freeway by 2:15. No traffic on the way home. My sister had a concert at 7:30 and we were so determined to get there! So we drove, making two quick stops, and made it into the lobby in time to hear the first note. Crazy! I was at my sisters concert, and band final, when I had been in Los Angeles just 5 hours before! I have a pre-production meeting in Los Angeles on Friday. Tomorrow. We are leaving at bout 8 to rent a car, again. It costs less to rent a car, gas wise, and wear-and-tear wise on our cars.


What’s weird is this kinda looks like the road from Northern California to Southern California into the Tajone Pass, or the Grapevine. I know its not, but looks like it. I really like this picture. It is so true.

I finally turned in that 10 page paper and I got a 1% similarity score on it. My teacher turned one in and he got a 3%. We have to keep it under 8%. However, I keep looking over it and I just realized I screwed up my works cited page. I didn’t put them in order or italicize the cites from the web. I’m gonna stop looking at it now.


I have something going on every day until the 12th on May. Rehearsals, workshops, performances, a fashion show, and work in general. Honestly, I don’t really feel all that stressed out. I was more stressed out in my last post, even while writing it, but I am fine now. I could always go for a shoulder/back massage, though. 😉


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, in no time flat, my schedule had filled up. Again. It’s almost as bad as that one week last year. I’ll have a link to that post at the bottom. I have 2 audition, finals, a fashion show, and a show in the next 3 weeks. Here is my schedule for the next 2 or 3 weeks:

Sunday- church, write 10 page essay and turn in online, memorize sides for Monday’s audition.

Monday- Leave at 7 am for Los Angeles. Audition at 2. Memorize Tuesday’s 10 page script on the way home from Los Angeles.

Tuesday- rehearsal performance in Acting class, yoga class, go over Tuesdays sides, English class.

Wednesday- audition at callback for the student film I did about a month ago, revise English paper and turn in.

Thursday- Regular classes, look at “Midsummer Night’s Dream” script.

Friday- Modeling Workshop for Delta CC in Sacramento 4-10

Saturday, Sunday- Look at “Midsummer Night’s Dream” script.

Monday- Rehearsal for Shakespeare.

Tuesday- Acting final 9:30-12:20, Yoga final 12:45-3:35, English final 4-6:50. Miss rehearsal.

Wednesday- Rehearsal.

Thursday- Dress rehearsal for fashion show in Sacramento 10am-10pm.

Friday- Fashion show 10am-10pm.

Saturday- Performance of Shakespeare.



If English and Yoga were totally eliminated, paper and all, from my schedule, that would make me really happy. I am honestly not sure if I can do the Shakespeare show. I really want to do it, though. I am okay with missing rehearsals, even the two final dress rehearsals, but I’m not sure the director will. Oh, the director is in the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. That’s the company putting this on. We are using their costumes, too. Awesome!


I just have to trust that God will watch me and keep a steady hand on my shoulder to protect me. He is always there, even in the scary parts of life.


Ever since I changed my diet, my acne has almost completely cleared up. I haven’t done anything too radical, but I pretty much only eat fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, and the only grain I will eat is bread, usually organic from the brand Eureka, or the bread from a stand at my farmers market I go to every other week. It’s every Saturday, but I get paid every two weeks. I usually cook my veggies. I was going to try raw vegan, but I couldn’t stand it more than half a day. I still eat eggs, and I eat honey. I buy local honey, mostly for my allergies.


Here’s the post:


“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” -Victor Hugo

Quite a few things have happened and I have been too lazy to record it. Yikes.

In short:

  • I booked the same fashion show as last year at a local community college. However, the venue is different and can hold over 1,00, as opposed to  last year’s 60. I haven’t met the designer yet, which makes me concerned because the event is in 3 weeks. 
  • I have a call back for a student film in 4 days. I still need to memorize the script. And print it out.
  • My mom wrote a book this past year and was on our local news doing a promotion for it. While we were there, Guy Fieri was there doing a cooking special right before us. We got to meet him as he was leaving. Also, a woman named Luenell was there doing a spot for her comedy. She is an actress with over 30 credits, including Taken 2, Hotel Transylvania, Borat, and The Rock. We got our picture with her. Awesome!
  • I might be in A Midsummer’s Night Dream. I’m not sure what company it is, but my friend is hooking me up. I don’t even know what it is about.
  • I am looking for a second summer job. Forever 21 is still giving me about 8 hours a week. This isn’t cutting it anymore. I need at least 20 hours a week. I need to be able to pay for groceries and gas. Not only enough gas to get to and from work.
  • I was going to audition for Beauty and the Beast in the next town, but they couldn’t get the funding. Then I heard they are going to do Rent. I don’t know, but I am really bummed about cancelling the show.
  • School is wrapping up. I have 1 more week and then a week of finals. I have a 10 page script for my acting class, a 10 page research/analysis paper due on Tuesday in my English class, and the final for my English class left.
  • I found out I can’t move out unless I work am a full time student. That wouldn’t be a problem but I would need to work full time at the same time to stay afloat. I can’t do both. If I move out, I loose my medical insurance. Looks like I’m not moving to Los Angeles any time soon. I don’t understand how other people did it on no money.
  • I made a facebook page for me. Go follow me. Just search Mckenna Hardy and it should be the first page to pop up.

That is my life, in short, from the last 2 weeks.

I can’t wait for summer. I just wish I had something to do.

I feel I need to get away from here. A week, a day, an hour. To Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Malibu, Long Beach. Somewhere big, but relaxing. Maybe after school gets out. Get a group together and go somewhere for the day. This town is boring, entertainment wise.


I have a few things I want to say and I want to say them all at the same time. I am in a really, really good mood. Like, really. 🙂

On Friday, we got a call from a woman who works on the Jeff Probst Show called us and told us they are finally airing our episode! August 21st, Wednesday. Over a year from when we filmed it… Jeez. It was that long ago? Last summer. And it is almost summer now. Time flies.


Today, Saturday, was the first day the farmer’s market has been open for this season. Yey! So much yummy, organic, local fresh fruits and veggies! In total, we spent about $40. We being my older sister and I. Let’s see if I can remember what we bought. Arugula, 9 tomatoes, a loaf of honey wheat bread, a load of banana nut bread, a pound of pistachios, a pound of almonds, sun dried tomatoes, 2 onions, and 4 cucumbers. I bought some food on Thursday night at Food Maxx, so I also have a few mangoes, some bananas, and some strawberries (On sale for $1 a box). We were only there this morning and I swear, this stuff is so good, it’s going to be gone by Tuesday. Every last bit of it. I’m already almost out of strawberries, sun dried tomatoes, and both breads. I made an arugula, strawberry, EVOO, tomato, banana, almond salad for lunch and dinner. Giant ones. I had breakfast when I got home at about 11:30 and I made a sandwich with the honey wheat bread, EVOO, tomatoes, and arugula. That bread is the most amazing bread  I have ever had. I keep raving about the farmers market but this was the first time I have gone and actually bought food. I also want to give some insight on this aspect of shopping and food that many people don’t use to their advantage. I have been cleaning up my act and my food choices. I did a bit of research between Paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. I was going to do raw vegan, but I can’t afford a food processor/juicer. Vegetarian includes dairy, but I haven’t had dairy in like 2 months. I don’t think I will ever go back to consuming dairy products. I did some research about what’s really in milk and its so gross. So, I guess Paleo is the right choice for me. Paleo is also known as the caveman diet. It is basically vegan plus meat. You only eat what a caveman would. Fruits, veggies, and meat. I have been really good about it for like the past week or two.


Earlier today, Saturday, I saw my friend in House at Pooh Corner at The Gallo Center and it was so cute! It was kinda weird because there were all these moms and dads with their 3-7 year old kids. And then there is my mom with her 20 year old daughter. But it was such a different experience with a younger audience. That and I had never actually seen a show in that theater. I have performed in 3 shows on that stage, though. At the end, the characters went into the lobby to take pictures with the kids and that was really cool. I know most of the cast, so it was great to see them interact with kids and perform in a totally different  type of show and atmosphere.


So cute. I would totally see it over and over again. And again.

Besides getting that call from Jeff Probst’s people, the farmers market, and seeing a great show, my family, showcasing my mom, is going to be on the news in Sacramento news this coming week, Friday morning. My mom wrote a book and they are doing a story on it. All that plus getting an “A” on an English paper after not getting very good grades on the last 3 papers have put me in a super good mood. 🙂

Over and out.