“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ” -Colin Powell

Holy cow. My schedule went from nearly empty to crazy busy! I don’t remember if I said this, but the cold I caught at the beginning of December turned into pneumonia and bronchitis. I was placed in the hospital from December 30th to January 13th. 2 weeks. 14 days. On January 14th, I started school. At the time, I was at 12 units. Full time and on the Varsity Tennis team. At the end of that day, I decided being on the team isn’t working into my life right now. I dropped the team and joined yoga instead. Hey, I need some way to detox and have a stress relief. I might even join another class. I am now at 10 units. All my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday, with an exception on Wednesday night for 6 weeks of a career guidance class. Fundamentals of Acting, yoga, English, and Career Guidance.


On the 11th of January, I called my mom, like I did every day in the hospital to see what was new and any news from queen of the Universe. I was needed on January 18th through 27th, almost every day. So, we are now in full “pageant mode” with finding a place to stay, budgeting money for gas and food. I don’t think I already said, but I already bought my dress for the Coronation Ball and Pageant. They both were dresses that as soon as I put on, we knew it was the one. The dress for the ball is a blush pink and the coronation is gold/champagne with glitter.

Sometimes, life is going so well, you stop and think, “life is going pretty good right now. That isn’t right. Something is about to go wrong.” And wrong it did. The car we were planning on taking to L.A. has a suspension problem that has done something to the front wheels, costing about $240 for new tires. Plus, there is something wrong where it looses water from the radiator, but we don’t know where. Alright, we’ll take the other car even though it has horrible gas mileage. Oh, wait. The weights in the wheels are off, causing it to shake when you go over 40 mph. Fine, we’ll just rent a car with better mileage than either of our cars. There. Haha. We solved that one. But wait, there’s more. We don’t have city water, therefor, we have a septic tank. A septic tank needs to be pumped ever 2-3 years, for a family of 4-6. We have a family of 10. It’s been 2 years since it’s been pumped… We have been having major issues. Like when the dishes were being washed last night, all the water didn’t go down the drain and into the tank. It went down the drain and out the toilet, flooding the bathroom. Cost to get the tank pumped? $240. Oh, boy. We figured out how to get that paid for and had that problem fixed today. But wait. There’s more. A 9 night stay at a hotel near Beverly Hills that has 2 beds and a refrigerator? About $70 a night, $740 total. My dad has a cousin who lives in Anaheim, about an hour south of L.A. We asked if we could crash at her place instead of a hotel. She said yes. We are going to have to commute, but that’s fine. we had an almost “what are we going to do now?” moment yesterday morning when I tried on my dress, at the woman’s house who was altering, I already bought and was going to wear for the ball. It didn’t fit around my bust. It was like 2 inches too small. when I was in the hospital, I was on a 3,000 calorie diet because I lost too much weight for my own good and wasn’t gaining it back. Thing is, I was about the same weight yesterday as when I tried on the dress. Why wouldn’t it fit?! And this close to the event! Turns out, the bra I was wearing was too thick to wear under the dress. I can’t wear one. Same with my other dress. It took up about 15 minutes trying to figure out why it didn’t fit and what we could do to fix it and cover up the zipper. Well, it fits and there was little to no alterations needed on either dress. Just the straps on the pink one and fix a loop on the other. I think if I lose like 5 pounds of fat around my belly, it will be more comfortable. The dress fits, but it is terribly tight. I think that’s all that happened. The cars, the tank, the hotel, the dresses. Let’s take this day by day and see how it goes.



I am a bit worried about my diet. I am eating way too much. I need to lose 5 pounds so I can fit into my dress better. I haven’t done a single ab exercise in weeks and I have 2 days. I think this is coming so fast, I don’t realize it. Like doing a term paper really close to deadline and not being able to do your best work, but it is satisfactory.


It is very hard to do this pageant on good conscious when I know this money could, and should, go towards other things. The fact that money is being found and problems slowly being solved might be God’s way of saying I am supposed to do this for some reason. Maybe I am supposed to win so we can pay off all the debts. Maybe I am only supposed to do this to become someone’s friend because they will need me later in life. Maybe I am supposed to do this to be introduced to someone who can help me with my career. I don’t know. We don’t know the results or the whys.


Actually, I also only have 2 days to learn everything about Canada.


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