“Success is dependent on effort.” -Sophocle

And that’s a wrap!

A successful run of the show!

7 performances in 4 days. A Christmas Carol was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be.


After rereading the post I did about when I was cast, I realize I just need to be more confident and take things as they come. I get stressed out when I over think things, and I over think just about everything. I think it was just stress that made me not want to do this play, but I am so glad I did. Just thinking about how stressful an experience or day will be makes that day stressful for me. Like yesterday. If i thought about it, yesterday would have been a long day for me. But I didn’t. I had two performances with about 2 hours of break time in between. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning, so I brought a peanut butter and honey sandwich with me(1). I like to have my hair and makeup done before  get to the theater so I am focused and ready to perform. But I did do that yesterday(2). I didn’t bring a lunch with me because the director told us he would provide lunch. I always carry snacks with me, but I normally would have brought my own lunch in this situation(3). I didn’t eat lunch(4). After the second show was over, I had about 2 hours of down time before i had to leave for church. I was asked to help with the children’s Christmas Pageant/show/nativity. I had 4 hours of rehearsal ahead of me(5).

That makes 5 different “stressful” moments in my day yesterday, and it’s only because I over evaluate everything and over prepare. This show, in a weird way, helped me to not worry about it. Just live minute to minute. Who cares what’s happening in 3 hours. That isn’t now. You can’t change anything in the future because it isn’t here yet. I could have easily looked at yesterday and thought This is going to be a long day. In the end, it wasn’t as long of a day as I thought it was going to be.


I really wish my career would pick up and start moving along. I haven’t done any actual work in L.A. since the commercial. I have only done two things. I don’t think of myself as a professional. I won’t until I am financially able to quit my job at Forever 21 and move to L.A. without worrying about being in debt.


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