“Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow.” -Anne Wilson Schaef

I bought a used treadmill off of a friend. I ran 30 minutes yesterday and 35 minutes today. Man! I was sweating! Playing tennis and running is so different. Running is stamina and endurance to keep going and tennis is endurance to keep going.


There must be something wrong with the calculations on the machine, though. I ran for 35 minutes tonight. In the 35 minutes, it said I only ran 1.2 miles. That’s a 20 minute mile. I did not do a 20 minute mile. You have to be walking slower than slow to walk a 20 minute mile. Also, it said I only burned 147 calories today. Yesterday, I ran 30 minutes and burned 10 more calories than today, and I only power walked yesterday. I looked on a calorie burn calculator on a website, and it said 35 minutes of running a 10 minute mile burns 345 calories. That sounds more like it. 🙂


So, my log of exercise this week so far is:

  • Monday
  1. 30 minute power walk: 200 calories burned
  • Tuesday
  1. 1 1/2 hours of tennis: 650 calories burned
  2. 4 hours of work/walking: 720 calories burned
  3. 35 minute run: 345 calories burned

As you can tell, I burned a lot of calories today. I really hope this will help to become toned. To be toned, you need a low fat percentage. I’m one step closer than yesterday.



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