“Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.” -Samuel Butler

I got two checks today, and I was totally not expecting it.

While I was filming the commercial for AT&T, there were rumors that if it went SAG, the extras, who were not SAG affiliated would get SAG pay, mailed at a later date. I still am not sure what SAG is, other than a union for screen actors. So, how would I get SAG pay if I am not SAG and what does it mean for a project to go SAG?

I’m not sure if I should say the amount of pay. It’s sort of a respect thing, I guess, towards the company to not tell how much people get paid. I don’t know how to put it in words, what I’m trying to explain.


I have $100 saved from my last two paychecks from work, and now that I have this, I can help with the next 3 trips I’m taking, that I know of right now. Hopefully another will turn up. A paying acting job.

So, I have the coronation ball in 3 weeks, Jordan’s graduation a month after, and the actual pageant in January.

So a workout update. Not so good. I was told Wednesday I am still in it. Thursday, I had played tennis for 2 hours, Friday I played tennis for 1 hour with my friend at the park 1/2 a mile away. And today, I have done nothing. Since my sister is at work, I can a workout DVD and some extra crunches or something. To most people, this is already more than what most people do, but I want to workout 2-4 hours a day. I just find that doing reps is so boring! I tried. I honestly tried. I just got so bored, I ended up just lying on my floor, and I was still more entertained than than doing reps.


A diet update. I am eating less in a meal, but so much more snacking is going on! It’s all relatively healthy, though. Hard boiled eggs, red bell pepper, cottage cheese, Yoplait yogurt (even though this is the unhealthiest brand there is), pineapple, ground beef, and apple sauce. As for starch carbs, I’m trying to stay away from it. I did, however, have some sugary cereal today, without milk. I had two servings, and the box says 3/4th of a sup is one serving with 27g of carbs. I’ve already had 4 hard boiled eggs today, 3 servings to cottage cheese, 2 servings of ground beef, plus all the other stuff on the list above, and I still want to eat!


There are certain things that I believe there should be no limit on how much you can have. Not necessarily how much at once because you still need a limit on that, but over all in a day how much you want, you can have. However, the list is kind of short. Lean meats of all kind, tuna, and non-starchy veggies. I think everything else needs a limit, and a small one at that. Bread, also known as starch or carbs, is just a complex sugar. When your body breaks it down, it is sugar. Sugar is not the best for your body, but it is needed to run everyday. You can get sugar from other sources than just breads, like fruit and starchy veggies. Meat does not contain sugar. It is pure protein. Fruit should have a limit because it has so much sugar. Same with starchy veggies, like peas and potatoes. Nuts are great, but because of the fat content, it does have a limit. If there wasn’t, I could seriously eat a family size bag of chips bag size of almonds and walnuts and cashews. Especially the smokehouse flavored. And then I would roll over and die from a heart attack from all that fat. Lol. Smokehouse flavored almonds will be the death of me if I were to be released in a factory that made them and was let loose. This is just my opinion of food based on my experience. It might not be the right ratio or scale to you.

I think that’s all I have for now. 🙂

Semper Fi.


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