“You cannot do only one thing.” -Garrett Hardin

I just want to do a quick little update, because I am really happy about some news I have come upon today. Granted, I don’t think this will change anything soon, but it still makes me happy.

I had auditioned for a student film, locally, about 7 months ago and one of the producers is a crew member for the musical I am in. I was talking about something I will mention in a sec, and he ended up talking about my audition. He told me that i was actually one of the final three for the main female role and they were really impressed with my audition, but I was just a tad too young looking. My first audition, not even signed yet, and I made it to the final three. I don’t know why, but that made me feel really confident about my acting skills.

The second thing. I didn’t mention this, but the T.V. show, The Doctors, has called me, twice now, for me to be on their show! They called about a week ago and wanted me to be there yesterday, but I had a show. Then they called me again today and wanted me next Friday, but I have a show. They mentioned they really want me, so I might in the next few weeks be on The Doctors! They just need to still be discussing what they want me for. I’m not too sure of the subject, but I have an idea of what it is. They had said it, but it might have changed for the second time they called.


Yeah. This show, The Doctors.

Some friends of mine made a music video and we are trying to get it to go viral. Help us and watch it? What’s there to loose? 3 minutes of your life?

Oorah. (And yes, I am temporarily changing “images in your head” to “oorah” in dedication for my brother. Maybe until he comes home.)


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