“Exercise is labor without weariness.” -Samuel Johnson

I know I have a few long days these past few months, but these next two days are going to be crazy!

I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow till midnight. Then I leave at 3 am for L.A. for my photo shoot at noon. That should last about 2 hours. Then I have an audition right after that. Then I am going to be a feature extra in a movie that starts filming at 6, and will be my first paying role. We will probably spend the night at my great uncles house in North L.A., and drive home on Monday morning, getting home just in time for musical rehearsal. Holy cow! I spent all day today shopping at thrift stores for shoes. We got an email from the pageant directors telling me what I need for the photo shoot, mainly shoes. Black, gold, silver. Still didn’t find gold. I might borrow my sister’s. I was so tired from all that and I guess not really catching up on my sleep or something, because I almost passed out while getting my hair cut today. (I got 3 inches trimmed off the bottom and then the bottom 3 inches were layered. I got 6 inches off. It feels so short, but I think it looks so much better and it fits my face better, now.) I only had a hard-boiled egg and 2 granola bars for breakfast. I started to black out while the woman was cutting my hair. So when I came home, I had some chicken and biscuits, and took a 3 hour nap, and then had dinner right when I woke up, 3 tacos and a chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box. And then I went to my play rehearsal for 2 hours. 

I hope I can get through these next 2 days without passing out from exhaustion!

Peace, rest, sleep, and the image of french fries in your head. 


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