“After a storm comes a calm.” -Matthew Henry


I though it would be interesting to some readers to know what I bring on these trips down south. For photo shoots, filming, or auditions. Just the general stuff.


  • tank top
  • spaghetti strap top
  • formal top (usually my black tank top w/ black ruffles down the front, Converse brand)
  • jacket that goes with formal top
  • semi-formal top
  • any other top I think appropriate
  • jeans
  • jewelry
  • sweatshirt
  • loafer shoes
  • running shoes
  • BCBG heels
  • another pair of heels
  • bikini (and towel), because you never know when you might see the beach and have extra time
  • any underclothing that I might need


  • hard-boiled eggs
  • red bell peppers
  • crackers
  • granola bars
  • (usually buy something cheap for dinner)
  • sometimes a whole cantaloupe
  • bean/cheese burritos (sometimes)
  • baby carrots
  • water


  • makeup tote
  • foundation bag
  • makeup removing wipes
  • pillow
  • small blanket
  • laptop, sometimes
  • extra hair ties
  • hairbrush
  • tooth-brush/tooth paste
  • floss
  • book
  • wallet
  • trusted lotion
  • hat, for the ride home
  • camera, usually the giant  Nikon
  • picture/resume/contact information to give producer/casting director

Things to not do before an audition:

  • try a new product- you could have an allergic reaction to it.
  • try new makeup- allergic reaction or not the right color or shade.
  • try a new makeup look- you don’t know how to perfect or fix it just yet. Might not be the right shade for you. Try going for a look you do often and can do fast.
  • try new food- could get food poisoning or allergic reaction.
  • get a manicure- well, just not the day before. Try 2-3 days before. The paint takes 24 hours to completely dry, so you have time for touch ups if it chips and can still dry completely and not smudge.
  • start a new medication- might be allergic or not the right dosage, might need adjusting.
  • pull an all-nighter- you need your sleep! You will not be as alert and you will look tired.
  • get a haircut- if you give the casting director a head shot picture, your hair will be different in the picture than in real life. You can get your hair cut before an audition, but then you have little to no time to take pictures, edit, print, and add your resume to the back. Make sure you ask your agent for advise first!
  • wax- yes, you can wax, but try 4-6 days before your audition so your skin has time to heal from any bumps or redness. Try shaving the day of your audition, instead.
  • eat until you are overly full- makes you look bloated (food baby), can make you gassy, won’t be able to concentrate, and you will probably need to use the restroom at the wrong time. 

Usually, I wear running shorts, a T-shirt, and my pink converse on the way down, and up, and change in the car or at a gas station, find the place, dive a few blocks away, do my makeup, and go in 15-30 minutes early. 

Any questions? Leave them down below!

Peace, love, and the image of apple juice in your head!


2 thoughts on ““After a storm comes a calm.” -Matthew Henry

  1. Just catching up on this-no wonder you’re so quiet between the travel, the full life, and the writing it’s a wonder you have time to breathe
    (Impressive-not the first and won’t be the last time I pin that adjective to you)

    • I don’t mind traveling. In fact, I actually like it more than most. I don’t mind being busy, but stress that really gets me. I get physically sick when I get over stressed, and the last time was actually the day the film crew was at my house. That was an intense couple of days. L.A. on Saturday to film a commercial 2 am Saturday -2 am Sunday, film crew on Sunday 5 am to 3 pm (with a fever, near passing out a few times, and shakiness), and then drove to Menlo Park at 3 pm. And then to L.A. again Thursday/Friday a few days later to film for the Jeff Probst Show, and Menlo Park Friday night to Sunday evening. Again, I don’t mind traveling or being busy, but it’s stress and lack of sleep/food that gets to me.

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