“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” -Robert Urich

I am trying to eat more healthy and workout. I don’t want to lose weight, exactly. I want to lean out. Get lean. Maybe a bit thinner, but that comes with getting lean. Muscle weighs more than fat. If I weigh the same, I will look thinner.

Everything is also things I eat when I travel because it can be packed easily. So, my go to snacks?4_large

1. Red bell pepper. I eat these raw in sticks. I like them better raw than cooked and mushy. I like red, not yellow or green. They aren’t sweet enough. The red ones are sweet and not spicy, like some people think.


2. Baby carrots. They are crunchy, easy, and pretty cheap.


3. Hard boiled eggs. They are pure protein, almost carb free, and are 100% healthy. I eat about 10 eggs a week, either fried, hard boiled, or in a recipe. I do eat the yellows with the white part. It is only “bad” for you if you eat like 8 eggs a day, including the yellows. I eat that much in a week, not day. I recently had my cholesterol checked, and my “bad” is in the good range, and my “good” is a bit low. I eat them with salt on it.


4. Nuts. Walnuts, specifically. They have a high fiber content, so they fill you up and keep hunger at bay. They can be a bit bland at times, so I put a bit of salt on them.

5. Fruit and walnut salad, from McDonald’s. When I travel, I try to eat one of these as opposed to a burger and fries. I paid about $2.70 in L.A. when I bought it, and paid $1.99 here in Modesto. I read that the average is about $1.49, though. Everything costs a bit more in California. The only thing I don’t like about this is the walnuts are almost candied. They are sugar coated. And altogether, it is high is sugar. Granted, it is natural sugar, but in the end, sugar is sugar.  This doesn’t fill me up, but it is a great snack. If you pair this with a 4-piece chicken nugget, it makes a good, light meal.


 6. Tuna. It is a great source of protein and I usually add a bit if fat free mayo and have it on whole wheat crackers, such as Triscuit crackers. It also is good with avocado or chopped up red bell peppers in it. On occasion, I will make a patty melt or fry a tuna and cheese sandwich on the grill. 

What are your go to snack choices? Comment below!

Peace, love, and the image of beans in your head.


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