“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” -Paulo Coelho

Saturday, I filmed a commercial as an extra. Before I name any names, I will look over the papers I signed, then I will tell you everything that happened. Trust me, it was surprise for me.

The “secret project” I have been talking about  can be announced now. We had a film crew at our house on Sunday, and we are going to L.A., as a family, on Thursday to film on Friday for a new T.V. show coming out, called The Jeff Probst Show. Does than name sound familiar? Jeff Probst was the host for the T.V. show Survivor. The show doesn’t air until September 10th, my family will be on the first episode, and the Facebook page already has over 15,000 likes. Crazy! The topic of our episode? “The Busiest Family”. Kinda perfect, right? So they got to our house at about 6 and filmed us getting ready for church, riding to church, driving home from church, and lunch time, until about 2:30. It was kinda fun driving around town and people staring because there was a guy with a giant camera in the passenger seat. And when we got to church and were leaving, people were like “why is there a camera crew following you?” and we would explain and they thought it was awesome we are going to meet Jeff. The crew was extremely nice. There was three guys, one main camera, and two guys for sound, but one of them would bring out a second camera at times.


So, yeah. I’m going to meet Jeff Probst this week. Honestly, I have never seen “Survivor”. We haven’t had cable or anything like that in about 8 years. We watch movies that we have and we rent three Netflix movies at a time. We used to do instant watch with them, but we decided to stop because of the extra fees and we were starting to get lazy. 

Well, it’s just after midnight and I am planning on working out early in the morning because I must have eaten over 6,000 calories in the past 2 days. The camp that I went to yesterday and today has an open kitchen 7-11 with junk food laid out on the counters and in the fridge and cabinets, and you can take whatever you want, whenever you want, and however much you want. Soda, chocolate milk, yogurt, pudding, chips, candy bars, beef jerky, trail mix, pretzels, granola bars, cereal bars, and I kinda went crazy. My body needed a break from eggs and veggies. And I let myself have whatever I wanted, even if I wasn’t hungry or if I was full. I did go for a run while I was there. I ran about 2 miles. But I know I need more exercise. I know I ate too much junk food. I can feel it. I feel so crappy and icky and sluggish. I’m pretty sure I’m going back Friday night through Sunday, when it ends.  I’ll “detox” from it later. Later because I’m going back and I know I’ll be in the kitchen more, and because I brought a lot home with me. And it is quickly dwindling, even if I’m not hungry. That’s a no-no in my book.

The good thing that came out of me going was that on the first day, not to mention meeting new people, I drank 3 bottles of water and 2 bottles of Gatorade. And when I woke up today, I was a bit tired, but I wasn’t dizzy and didn’t have a fever any more. Did I mention that yet? Guess not. I woke up on Sunday at 5:30, after going to bed at 3 am because I was filming on Saturday, and I felt so crappy and sick from exhaustion. During church, I felt feverish and hot and was sweating, but  everybody else said they felt fine. It wasn’t too hot in church. I had a fever and was dizzy and felt like passing out. I needed rest. The thing is, I can’t just rest. People tell me I need a day off to just do nothing and sleep. I can’t do that. If I do, I just sit there and I’m like “Okay, now what?”. I can’t do nothing. Yeah, I watch T.V., but not for 14 hours a day and then sleep. I need stuff to do, even if I’m supposed to be resting. Sitting there doing nothing is unbelievably boring to me. Anyway, I think I just needed electrolytes and I was dehydrated. I’m don’t have anything planned for tomorrow, so I can pretend to rest tomorrow.

Peace, love, and the image of beef jerky in your head. Why? Because that’s what i’m eating right now, at 12:30 am. And I shouldn’t. 


“Every noble work is at first impossible.” -Thomas Carlyle

My schedule is quickly filling up. The bank is quickly draining. The credit card is quickly loosing available funds.

Friday- Call back the possible sponsors for the pageant. Memorize side for video audition. Pick up pay check from work.

Saturday- L.A. day for filming a PSA. Leave at about 4, film about 6 hours, drive home.

Sunday- Church. Camera Crew in the afternoon. Leaving to take my brother to camp and I will be staying the night at the camp.

Tuesday- Call back more possible sponsors.

Thursday- Family is driving to L.A. and staying the night at a hotel.

Friday- Filming. Driving home.

Plus I don’t know my work schedule for next week just yet.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of steak in your head.

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” -Ingrid Bergman

Just a real quick update.

I signed up for classes: yoga, tennis, interior design, and intro to theater.

I’m excited about this semester, even though I couldn’t get into any curricular classes. Physically could not. They are absolutely full.

We have a film crew coming over on Sunday for 4 hours, but I’m not allowed to say for what, just yet.

The family is going to L.A. on Thursday or Friday for something, and I can’t say just yet.

I have a video audition this weekend for a student film, but it looks really fun.

I finally got an IMDb.


To add or change anything on my page, I need a Pro account, but that costs about $16 a month. I’m thinking about signing up for it next week.

Yeah. Have a fun and safe summer!

“It is not to be expected that human nature will change in a day.” -Frank B. Kellogg

I had my photo shoot yesterday. I have so much to say and I honestly don’t want to say it, for PR reasons. I don’t want to give anything away. I had 3 looks: a glamour, a swim suit, and a themed shot. 

Then I went to an audition for a student film, and I can’t believe I nailed that audition! I didn’t make a single mistake! I did a fantastic audition! I did two takes, one was a shot of just me, and he other was playing against some one else. I can’t believe I didn’t fumble. They even said they were impressed and loved my performance. However, they said I looked too young for the part, but I might do well in a different part in the film and will use that tape of me as the audition for the other character. I looked young because I still had all my makeup on from the photo shoot. It was caked on my face and I had dramatic eye shadow and giant false eye lashes. 

So, yeah.  Peace, love, and pancakes!

“After a storm comes a calm.” -Matthew Henry


I though it would be interesting to some readers to know what I bring on these trips down south. For photo shoots, filming, or auditions. Just the general stuff.


  • tank top
  • spaghetti strap top
  • formal top (usually my black tank top w/ black ruffles down the front, Converse brand)
  • jacket that goes with formal top
  • semi-formal top
  • any other top I think appropriate
  • jeans
  • jewelry
  • sweatshirt
  • loafer shoes
  • running shoes
  • BCBG heels
  • another pair of heels
  • bikini (and towel), because you never know when you might see the beach and have extra time
  • any underclothing that I might need


  • hard-boiled eggs
  • red bell peppers
  • crackers
  • granola bars
  • (usually buy something cheap for dinner)
  • sometimes a whole cantaloupe
  • bean/cheese burritos (sometimes)
  • baby carrots
  • water


  • makeup tote
  • foundation bag
  • makeup removing wipes
  • pillow
  • small blanket
  • laptop, sometimes
  • extra hair ties
  • hairbrush
  • tooth-brush/tooth paste
  • floss
  • book
  • wallet
  • trusted lotion
  • hat, for the ride home
  • camera, usually the giant  Nikon
  • picture/resume/contact information to give producer/casting director

Things to not do before an audition:

  • try a new product- you could have an allergic reaction to it.
  • try new makeup- allergic reaction or not the right color or shade.
  • try a new makeup look- you don’t know how to perfect or fix it just yet. Might not be the right shade for you. Try going for a look you do often and can do fast.
  • try new food- could get food poisoning or allergic reaction.
  • get a manicure- well, just not the day before. Try 2-3 days before. The paint takes 24 hours to completely dry, so you have time for touch ups if it chips and can still dry completely and not smudge.
  • start a new medication- might be allergic or not the right dosage, might need adjusting.
  • pull an all-nighter- you need your sleep! You will not be as alert and you will look tired.
  • get a haircut- if you give the casting director a head shot picture, your hair will be different in the picture than in real life. You can get your hair cut before an audition, but then you have little to no time to take pictures, edit, print, and add your resume to the back. Make sure you ask your agent for advise first!
  • wax- yes, you can wax, but try 4-6 days before your audition so your skin has time to heal from any bumps or redness. Try shaving the day of your audition, instead.
  • eat until you are overly full- makes you look bloated (food baby), can make you gassy, won’t be able to concentrate, and you will probably need to use the restroom at the wrong time. 

Usually, I wear running shorts, a T-shirt, and my pink converse on the way down, and up, and change in the car or at a gas station, find the place, dive a few blocks away, do my makeup, and go in 15-30 minutes early. 

Any questions? Leave them down below!

Peace, love, and the image of apple juice in your head!

“Exercise is labor without weariness.” -Samuel Johnson

I know I have a few long days these past few months, but these next two days are going to be crazy!

I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow till midnight. Then I leave at 3 am for L.A. for my photo shoot at noon. That should last about 2 hours. Then I have an audition right after that. Then I am going to be a feature extra in a movie that starts filming at 6, and will be my first paying role. We will probably spend the night at my great uncles house in North L.A., and drive home on Monday morning, getting home just in time for musical rehearsal. Holy cow! I spent all day today shopping at thrift stores for shoes. We got an email from the pageant directors telling me what I need for the photo shoot, mainly shoes. Black, gold, silver. Still didn’t find gold. I might borrow my sister’s. I was so tired from all that and I guess not really catching up on my sleep or something, because I almost passed out while getting my hair cut today. (I got 3 inches trimmed off the bottom and then the bottom 3 inches were layered. I got 6 inches off. It feels so short, but I think it looks so much better and it fits my face better, now.) I only had a hard-boiled egg and 2 granola bars for breakfast. I started to black out while the woman was cutting my hair. So when I came home, I had some chicken and biscuits, and took a 3 hour nap, and then had dinner right when I woke up, 3 tacos and a chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box. And then I went to my play rehearsal for 2 hours. 

I hope I can get through these next 2 days without passing out from exhaustion!

Peace, rest, sleep, and the image of french fries in your head. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

On page 16 in People Magazine for July 30, 2012, there s a picture of Matt riding a bike and it mentions the movie, Lovesick. I thought that was kind of cool.

We didn’t have a camera on set with us when I was filming the movie. All I had was my phone camera, and my phone is old. Anyway, my mom took a picture on my phone, and my Dad took a picture of my phone. This is the only picture I have. This was after filming in the fleece sweater, so I had sweat dripping down my face and my face was red. Yeah. They look great.

(Adam Rodriguez, Me, Matt Leblanc)

“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” -Moliere

I’ve decided to keep a log on here of all my workouts. I will tag them “fitness fun” and you can click on the link and all of the logs will show up.

In case you don’t already know, I am training for my pageant in December or January in Beverly Hills. Also, if things go well, I would like to do the half marathon the Disney puts on. The next one is in February.

I actually have only worked out twice this week, but that’s fine with me. I am just starting out. I don’t want to over do it. I will be posting one day in one post, but I am going to do two in this one.

I workout before I have dinner.I start each workout with walking to the bike path that leads to the park, stretch, and run the 2/3 mile run there. Stretch again. The run/walk number refers to how many times I walk/run around the park. 3 times around is about a mile. I usually alternate the walking and running laps. Day 1 was walking first. Day two was running first. And I stretch again. I do the workout stuff after all the running is done.  And then I stretch again, and run the 2/3 mile on the bike path and walk home. Once I get home, I drink a 16 oz. water bottle, that I put in the freezer before I left, before I eat.It usually takes an hour to do everything, and that is the perfect time for the water to get cold and not frozen. And after about an hour after I finish, I have dinner.

Day 1- 2 run, 2 walk, 30 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 30 jumping jacks, 20 lunges each leg, 10 squats, 20 jumping jacks.

Day 2- 3 run, 2 walk, 35 jumping jacks, 15 crunches, 35 jumping jacks, 25 lunges each leg, 15 squats, 25 jumping jacks. 

I am slowly adding new things to do, and adding 5 for each thing I do. If I add a new exercise, I don’t go up on the number. I go up on the running twice before I go up on the walking.

And that is my routine. It is Thursday and today was only the second day this week I worked out, but I want to go slow and I’m going to switch from evening to morning.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau

I might be in trouble at work. I was trying to call to tell them that I couldn’t work today, before my shift started, but when I called, it was busy and when I finally, got through, nobody answered. That was before my first audition. I realize at about 2 that I never really spoke to anyone, so I tried again, but I didn’t have any reception in the Grapevine. I got through once, but nobody answered. So it counts as a no show for work. This is my second one. My first one was on December 3rd, 2011. I should be okay as far as still having a job, but I will get a mark on my file. I work again on Saturday 4pm-11:30pm. Stupid hours. I work 12pm-4pm, twice a week for 9 months, and all of a sudden I get 7 1/2 hour shift on a Saturday. I almost had to get someone to cover for me because we didn’t know the exact day for my photo shoot. It just said this weekend. I almost didn’t get any hours this week. The one Saturday I’m busy I get a shift. Anyway, I might be in trouble at work, but I’m looking for a new job.

I had two auditions today in L.A. One for Burlington Coat factory commercial, and I’m not even sure what the other one was for. The first one was at 11:30 and we auditioned for a marching band in a project. I don’t know if it was for a movie or commercial or print ad or what. And all I know is I blew it. I botched it. I am no good at drumming, and they asked us to play on our legs as if they were drums for about 20 seconds. I could not do that to save my life. I was all over the place.

My second audition was for the Burlington commercial less than 3 miles away.  I think I did really well. I had about 20 minutes to look at the script before I went in. I don’t want to give any spoilers about the commercial, but there was me and another girl, Courtney, and we did the scene together. I think it went really well. I hope I get that commercial. It sounds like fun. I am going to a photo shoot on Sunday for the Queen of the Universe pageant for the program pictures. If I get the commercial, I will be filming on Friday, staying in L.A. and being a tourist on Saturday, and doing the photo shoot on Sunday. That would be pretty awesome. Maybe I can invite a friend to come along to hang out so I’m not with my mom all weekend. I need someone my age to hang with. 

Yeah. That’s all I have for right now. Peace, love, and the image of mac and cheese. I’m trying to stay away from carbs and dairy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think of them. 

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” -Robert Urich

I am trying to eat more healthy and workout. I don’t want to lose weight, exactly. I want to lean out. Get lean. Maybe a bit thinner, but that comes with getting lean. Muscle weighs more than fat. If I weigh the same, I will look thinner.

Everything is also things I eat when I travel because it can be packed easily. So, my go to snacks?4_large

1. Red bell pepper. I eat these raw in sticks. I like them better raw than cooked and mushy. I like red, not yellow or green. They aren’t sweet enough. The red ones are sweet and not spicy, like some people think.


2. Baby carrots. They are crunchy, easy, and pretty cheap.


3. Hard boiled eggs. They are pure protein, almost carb free, and are 100% healthy. I eat about 10 eggs a week, either fried, hard boiled, or in a recipe. I do eat the yellows with the white part. It is only “bad” for you if you eat like 8 eggs a day, including the yellows. I eat that much in a week, not day. I recently had my cholesterol checked, and my “bad” is in the good range, and my “good” is a bit low. I eat them with salt on it.


4. Nuts. Walnuts, specifically. They have a high fiber content, so they fill you up and keep hunger at bay. They can be a bit bland at times, so I put a bit of salt on them.

5. Fruit and walnut salad, from McDonald’s. When I travel, I try to eat one of these as opposed to a burger and fries. I paid about $2.70 in L.A. when I bought it, and paid $1.99 here in Modesto. I read that the average is about $1.49, though. Everything costs a bit more in California. The only thing I don’t like about this is the walnuts are almost candied. They are sugar coated. And altogether, it is high is sugar. Granted, it is natural sugar, but in the end, sugar is sugar.  This doesn’t fill me up, but it is a great snack. If you pair this with a 4-piece chicken nugget, it makes a good, light meal.


 6. Tuna. It is a great source of protein and I usually add a bit if fat free mayo and have it on whole wheat crackers, such as Triscuit crackers. It also is good with avocado or chopped up red bell peppers in it. On occasion, I will make a patty melt or fry a tuna and cheese sandwich on the grill. 

What are your go to snack choices? Comment below!

Peace, love, and the image of beans in your head.