“Be who you are and be that well.” -Saint Francis de Sales

I think I know what I have to do to get things rolling. I keep waiting for that perfect audition without leading the life that is demanded. You know what I mean? I’m not dressing for the part. I’m living like a model would. I mean the whole healthy eating, working out, studying the career, working on monologues 24/7 life.

I am friends with someone on Facebook whom I do not know. He requested a friends request because I added BMG Models to my work and I was tagged on their page. Although, I’m pretty sure he isn’t contracted with them. Anyway, he is always posting status updates about flying to New York for an audition, flying to L.A. for head shots, on his way to acting class, on his way to the gym, working on his monologues, looking at scripts. And I want my statuses to be like that. I want to be always on the go with this career, but I’m not playing the part.

I want so badly to move to Los Angeles to be closer to my agent and so I have more opportunity to go to auditions and interviews. But it is so unrealistic. The only way, that I can see, to move down there, is to get a drivers license, save up, transfer stores for work, move with a friend or family member. Thing is, I hardly get paid where I work now. Almost everything revolves around money. I agree that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure as heck would make things so much easier. It would solve so many problems. It wouldn’t buy happiness or create it, but it would eliminate the problems and worries.

Yeah. Short blog. What do you think? Does money buy happiness?

Peace, love, and the image of oranges in your head.


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