“Change brings opportunity.” -Nido Qubein

One of last year’s resolutions was to stop picking at my nails so I can let them grow, and I have accomplished that. The only time I really break that winning streak is after I have a bad audition, I usually rip all my nails to a stub or if it is starting to break anyway.

My point is that I broke one of my bad habits, but it wasn’t one of the hard ones. I was going through all the past pictures I was tagged in on Facebook and I have the worst posture I have ever seen. I don’t sit or stand up straight. I hunch over so bad. And I know it is really bad. It is one of the hings I want to change about myself so bad. I have tried to break it, but that only lasted about 2 weeks before I stopped. And that was about a year ago. I have no idea how to make myself stand and sit up straight. It is so bad that my chest sticks out when I stand up straight. I am becoming barrel chested, and that is something that cannot be reversed. It is so unattractive. It makes me look fatter than I am. I think my back muscles are not strong enough or something. Or it is the effect of wearing a heavy backpack for 6 years. I don’t know, but I need suggestions on how to break this and start standing up straight. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below What are your bad habits and what are habits you broke? I’m interested to know.

With that, I leave you with love, peace, and he image of zucchini in your head.  


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