“I’m competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders.” -Tyra Banks

Short random blog.

Even though I am 19, my mom is my manager. She deals with my schedule and auditions and how I’m going to get there and preparations. Her e-mail was hacked and down for almost 2 days before we were able to get it back running again. While it was down, it didn’t receive any mail. It wouldn’t accept it. I have no idea if we got the reality show or if I got the audition for ABC Family or if I was asked to do an audition. Yikes!

I am seriously considering putting a picture page on here. I used to have one until I was harassed by someone and I took all my blogs down. I’ll work on it.

I really want an acting coach, as I know I’m not the best actress because I don’t have any experience, except for one musical last summer. I was talking to a famous acting coach who lives in Los Angeles, via FaceBook. His assistant told me to expect a call from him the next day at 9 am. He never called. 2 weeks later, I get a call from his assistant, out of the blue. Expect a call from him in 2 days at 10 am. He never called. I was stood up, twice, by a famous acting coach. I really like him as a person, but from what I see, he is not acting very professional. That was so unprofessional, I don’t want him as my acting coach. I really did because I have heard amazing and wonderful things about him, and nothing about him being late or missing meetings. I just don’t get it. So my older sister is still messaging him on Facebook to talk about a summer “camp” that he has, but he doesn’t respond. She has also asked the set director for the local theater group that we do, as he is a famous stage director for singers and has worked on many shows and movies. He suggested someone who has an IMDB. He used to live in Los Angeles and worked as an acting coach and agent (I think). I want to work with him too, but I don’t want to message him and say “Hey. I’m Kelsey’s sister and I want to talk to you about helping me with acting. You already know the guy I was TRYING to help me, but he’s MIA. Interested?” and sound too forceful. I really don’t want to name names without their permission.

 What Tyra Banks said is true. When she started modeling at 16 or 17, she was a size 4/6, and that was really skinny for a model. Now, you need to be a size 00. I’m a size 4 right now, and have been for 2 or 3 years, but that’s not good enough anymore. Not fair.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of doughnuts in your head.


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