“We convince by our presence.” -Walt Whitman

Isn’t that the job of a model?

I have thought about it, and I believe the job of a model is to be a salesperson. That’s all they do. sell things. I am currently working at Forever 21, and I sell clothes. I also work as a model, and I sell whatever I am representing. Taylor Swift is selling her music, or Cover Girl Cosmetics, or her perfume, depending on the commercial.  Last night, I was selling my designer’s talent.

Last night was my first fashion show. There was only about 100 people there, but I was so nervous before I walked. I kept telling myself that I have performed for groups of 600+ people for marching band. And I actually eventually calmed down and did everything perfect! We did our individual walkes, then we all walked a few feet apart with the designer last, and the finale was everyone in no particular order. I posed 3 times at corner 1 and twice on corner 2. As I was doing my first walk, I heard people whispering that I really did look like a model and I knew what I was doing. I will admit that when we did the finale, I intentionally walked slightly slower than everyone else ahead of me, so they slowly got ahead of me and there was a gap, so people would notice me even more. 😛 I know it wasn’t exactly professional, but I just wanted to see what it was like.  And they were all walking too fast. Everything went as planned, nobody tripped or fell.

I got so many compliments all evening that the other models loved what I was wearing and my groups shoes. We get to keep the shoes, but I am not into the style. I’ll give them to my sister. All the models got to keep their shoes, or rather heels in the other lines.

I wore a brown half-button up shirt, wool black/white shorts, knee-high socks, and bronze Oxfords. My hair was a deep part on the right and a low pony tail. Makeup was very neutral with coral lips and heavily blushed cheeks. The inspiration was 1920’s nautical, simple looks.My pants actually didn’t have a button on them near the zipper, so I was sown into the. One of the guys in my collection was sown into his shirt.

It was a lot of fun. The show had a reception before that was catered and had wine and champagne. I got to the show place at 10, we did a run through 11-1, lunch 1-2, and hair and makeup 2-7. Got dressed at 7, headed over, and started at 8. I didn’t leave until 10:30,  and got home at 11:30. The show ended at about 9:30, and we were taking pictures after. We waited for a certain photographer and there was a group ahead of us. I really had to use the restroom after drinking 2 bottles of water, so I went then. Of course, I wait for an hour, and the take the picture the only 3 minutes I am gone.

I’m going back today for the public viewing 3-3:30 for my line. I don’t really understand what today is. My group has a 30 minutes block, like all the others, but to do what? a 30 minute fashion show of 8 people? over and over again? Or do we just stand around and have people look at us? I don’t know, but I am going, even though it isn’t required. I have another fashion show next Thursday, a vintage bridal show at a church function with tea for something. And I have an interview/audition next Friday, the next day, in Santa Monica, 6 blocks from the beach. Awesome!

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of blueberries in your head.


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