“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” -Mark Twain

That is as true as it gets for me, right now. There are 3 major things:

  1. I am in a fashion show this Friday. At the rehearsal last night,we were told that there are going to be six photographers. Four from Delta College, one from Sacramento newspaper, and one from Seventeen Magazine. Also at the rehearsal, there was a photographer. He took a few pictures of me and showed them to me. He didn’t show anybody else the pictures he took of them. The way the lighting was and how he took the picture, it looked like I was under a spot light on a dark stage, like in the movie Rent. And I noticed that he was trying to take pictures of me all night. Not only me, but he made an effort to find me, out of the 66 of us models, and snap a few shots of me. Pretty awesome. He is a really cool guy. Even though I only spoke to him for like a minute.
  2. My family has the chance to be on a reality T.V. show that is “casting” it’s first season. I don’t want to give away what it is called or what it is about. But there would be a camera crew following us for about 9 months. I ‘m not sure about the 9 months thing, because I don’t know how long a season of a T.V. show is. We haven’t had cable in about 5 years. I’m going to film the video requested by the producers tomorrow with the help of my mom.
  3. I am in the running finals to be cast in a “perform arts” in Los Angeles. The only thing preventing me to be cast is I would need to be in Los Angeles for a about a month. I can’t drive, so it would need to be me and one other person who can drive. My dad can’t get a month off work, my mom can barely stay away from the family for a few days, I still work at Forever 21, Kelsey has work, Jordan is in training for the U.S. Marines. I’m training with Varsity Tennis at the college I go to. Not to mention the two musicals my family will be involved in this summer, which will be happening at the same time. But the role is perfect for me. It is the part of a Drum Major. I was the Drum Major at my high school for two years, with my brother as my assistant for one year. It will be performed at the Disney Concert Hall for 7 performances, and I would get paid. I looked at the concert calendar, and I don’t see any performances that plays 7 times, though. Three one weekend, and 4 the next. The first weekend is public performances, and the second is the main event. I don’t know much more after that, though. 

And that is my big news for right now. I want to do more modeling, as opposed to acting, mainly because I have never done acting and I don’t think I have a real shot at it because I have a horrible memory. Anyway, I still have the fashion show to look forward to this Friday, and they extended it to another showing on Saturday because tickets sold out so fast. My parents didn’t even get a ticket. But, I don’t think they would go because it was $50 a ticket.  That’s fine. They can come Saturday.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of chocolate in your head.


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