“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” -C. S. Lewis

Story time! I don’t know how else to type it other than this:

I had my first audition two days ago. Sort of. I guess. Not really. But I did. I was looking at my Mom’s a-mail at 10 pm, and I saw an audition for the next day that would be perfect for me. I looked the part of this person. It was a documentary. The deadline was 10, but we didn’t realize it until 10:10pm. So my Mom found out where the audition was going to be. It was at a church, so she googled it to find the ministers e-mail. She e-mailed him, and he forwarded my pictures to the guy that was doing the casting. So, I went. My mom went over the lines with me for about 30 minutes and left because Nina had an audition about 10 miles away. I went over them for about another hour before it was my turn, second to last of the day. Now, slating. I kinda know what slating is and how to. You say your name, and turn left for profile, right for profile. I said my name, and turned left for profile, but he gave me this “What are you doing, you newbie?” look. So I didn’t turn the other way to slate. Then he said “contact info?” and I had no idea what he was saying. I was never told they would ask that. And I don’t officially have an agent yet because I only sent my contract in today. So I said my agency, and my agent. I knew the lines outside. I didn’t know them inside. It was horrible. He probably thought I was stupid and had no idea why my agent sent me there in the first place. I said them wrong, I said them in the wrong place, I said the same thing twice. It was bad, in my opinion. My Mom said it wasn’t bad. I got my point across, i didn’t just stop and ask to start over. Yeah, that’s true. But it wasn’t ideal. So, it was done. But, I called my mom and Nina still hadn’t gone. and wouldn’t for a while. So, I ended up stuck there for 2 more hours. I sat on the grass at the end of the parking lot, where the casting director left 20 minutes after I was done. And he asked if I was okay. If I had a ride. How unbelievably embarrassing. First, I auditioned like I don’t know what acting is, now I look like I don’t have a ride. That I am a bum actor, for obvious reasons, that I can’t act, and am just chilling on the curb because I have nowhere to go. If my acting didn’t make them love me, that sure killed it. I’m a homeless actress. At the end of the block was a Trader Joe’s, a grocery store. So i walked over there and hung out, but there was nothing to do in there,. So I went outside, waited in the parking lot, and I finally decided to wait on the grass of the apartment complex next to the store and read my book. after about a half hour, LAPD helicopters were circling around where I was, really low, and I heard sirens a few blocks away. So I called my mom and asked her to hurry up and get gas after she got me. So we was on her way to get me, but the traffic was so bad, it took an hour to travel 10 miles on the freeway. She would have gone a different way but we don’t know the area. LAPD finally left about 10 minutes later. And then she picked me up. Other than that, the ride down south and back was uneventful, which is perfect. And, because I am a homeless actress, I wasn’t called back today. neither was Nina. I knew I wasn’t going to get the movie. Oh well. I still have my fashion show next week. I have a rehearsal and workshop on Monday and the show on Friday, all day. And we might be on a reality T.V. show for an entire season. A camera crew following us around for 9 months, leading to more exposure and possibly more, if any, jobs. I don’t want to give away the plot, but that’s all I really know. More updates later.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of pickles in your head.


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