“Failure is success if we learn from it.” -Malcolm Forbes

It is going to take me a few days to bounce back from that trip. All I’ve done today is eat poptarts and burritos and watch The O.C., Annie and Night at the Museum. I got 6 hours of sleep last night, after being awake for about 24 hours. I have to be at church at 7, and film an audition after. So I’m going to work on memorizing that tonight and tomorrow morning.

Yesterday started at 3 am, waking up. We were to be in the car and leaving at 4. We didn’t actually leave until 4:25. We got McDonald’s for breakfast at about 6:30, got to Santa Monica at about 11. My interview was only 1 mile from the Santa Monica Peir, so we went there for an hour and got lunch. I got the numbers mixed up when I wrote down the adress at home. I wrote 350, but it was at 530. We had to call my brother and ask him to look at the email for us. I was 20 minutes late, but it was no big deal. I filled out some papers, took about 15 pictures of my face, and I was done. The interview was for an acne product trial for a month. I will go in on day one, take pictures and get the product, go back on day 15 for pictures, and on day 30, I take pictures and record a video testimonial on how the product worked for me and how it has differed from others that I have used. I know this coming week if I got it.

It took us 2 hours to get 12 miles, down the same road, for our next interview. It is for a reality T.V. show. I am not going to say what for just yet. They wanted to interview our whole family, but because of our schedules, we could only get Kelsey, Lynnsey, Nina, my mom, and I to go. I actually had already interviewed with them via Skype 2 days before, so I wasn’t needed to do another interview. It was in a not so great part of town, but it was a nice place inside the building. I had to wait in the lobby, but they were done in 30 minutes. They also said that if we don’t get this show, they are going to send in the video they are making for another T.V show, but they didn’t say what it was.

My mom had to eat her dinner and didn’t want to drive at the same time, so we went to the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater in Hollywood, about 2 miles away from the second interview. That was my first time ever seeing the Hollywood sign. It was so cool! And we saw all the celebrities stars on the sidewalk. In the front of the Chinese Theater in the ground, they have imprints of celebrities feet and hands. I don’t know what entitles them and not other celebrities to have the honor. It was so cool. I saw the Twilight stars, the Harry Potter Stars, Shirley Temple, Michael Jackson’s family, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Cruise, George Lucas (who grew up here where I live), the cast from Star Wars,  Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Amy Grant (I auditioned 3 weeks ago for a movie staring her), Bing Crosby, and so many more. I’m not going to list them all. Just the main ones. We left after an hour and it was then about 6 pm, and grabbed some Taco Bell for dinner. We had been awake for 15 hours.

At 6:10, my eldest brother, who was home alone with no car, called us. Our neighbors dog had gotten into our yard and attacked our 12 year old cat and he, Jack, couldn’t move his back legs. My brother heard our dog barking aggressively and turns out our dog had cornered it and was keeping their dog away from Jack while he tried to hide. Their dog ran back home after David went outside. He managed to put the dogs away so they could calm down and got Jack inside. He wasn’t moving his back legs and was dragging his self around the house. There wasn’t any blood or broken skin, that we could see (we later found out that there were 2 teeth marks that pierced the skin). We were 8 hours away, my Dad was out of town, David doesn’t drive, there was no car at home anyway, and he had no way to get to the ER vet, or pay for it. We tried calling the non-emergency police from Hollywood, but it was after they had closed. David didn’t want to call 911, as it was not an emergency and he didn’t want to deal with that. He was too shaken up. We got home at about 2 am and checked him out. We had no idea what was wrong with him, but we pretty much knew his back was broken. We took him to the vet this morning, thinking that he would have to be put down because we can’t afford surgery and he isn’t all that young. I got a surprise text from my brother saying that is back is broken, but he has a 90% chance of a full recovery. They got x-rays done and he is on painkillers and antibiotics. The vet bill was just over $300. He is confined to a cage for 2 months, feeding him wet kitten food ever 4 hours, and medications every 12 hours. we might get him diapers because he can’t move and is having relieve himself where he is. Right now, we just have to clean it up. We called the police this morning, but they said with this kind of thing, we were supposed to call right away. There is nothing they can do but file an incident report and give them a warning for their animal trespassing. We can give them the vet bill, but can’t force them to pay it. They suggested we contact their landlord, as they are “renting” (they haven’t paid their rent in 3 years, but the landlord feels bad for her 4 year old daughter and won’t kick them out) and let that person know they have a vicious animal. That dog has repeatedly attacked our dogs, attacked my dad in public, and charged at my younger sister while on our property.  Our dogs don’t go on their property. We really don’t want to get on their bad side, but something needs to be done. I got to bed at 3 am, and had been up for 24 hours. And that is my story for today.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of pizza in your head.


“The most important things in life aren’t things.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo

I have been feeling so lazy lately, and exercise is important to me. I haven’t played tennis in almost 3 weeks. I am supposed to be training with the Varsity team this summer so I can try to get on the team in Spring. I have just been so busy, though. I might be able to start going next week.

This week, I have  rehearsal at church, work, church, a fashion show,and an audition in L.A. Nothing I can get out of. I would play in the day, but t has been in the high 90’s for the past few weeks. I won’t play if it’s over 80. It is too hot to be running around for 3 or 4 hours in 80+ weather. I miss playing so bad. I would play in the mornings, but nobody is awake to take me and I don’t want to exhaust myself before my day of doing something that takes high energy, like work or auditions or shows. And I am just now remembering that I have been cast in a show at the end of summer. That meets in the evenings 5-10 5 days a week. So there goes the end of my summer. And I might do set crew for the play before that one, at the first half of summer, but I only have a 2-3 week commitment for that one. Still. I miss playing tennis so much. I was getting really good and am at my peak so far and have much more to go.

I don’t want this to sound like I am complaining that I have a busy life or that I am bragging. I just want to share with you one thing that I miss right now. That and I hope to motivate myself to find a way to play and to get back into shape. I haven’t played in so long that I now I will be sore for a few days after. 

Seeing how it is 1:15 am, I should probably get off. I have a busy day tomorrow of a vet appointment for my cat, a doctor appointment for me, and a rehearsal right after that at church. It doesn’t exactly sound busy, but if you were here, you would realize how confusing the family schedule can be sometimes. 

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of olives in your head. 

“We convince by our presence.” -Walt Whitman

Isn’t that the job of a model?

I have thought about it, and I believe the job of a model is to be a salesperson. That’s all they do. sell things. I am currently working at Forever 21, and I sell clothes. I also work as a model, and I sell whatever I am representing. Taylor Swift is selling her music, or Cover Girl Cosmetics, or her perfume, depending on the commercial.  Last night, I was selling my designer’s talent.

Last night was my first fashion show. There was only about 100 people there, but I was so nervous before I walked. I kept telling myself that I have performed for groups of 600+ people for marching band. And I actually eventually calmed down and did everything perfect! We did our individual walkes, then we all walked a few feet apart with the designer last, and the finale was everyone in no particular order. I posed 3 times at corner 1 and twice on corner 2. As I was doing my first walk, I heard people whispering that I really did look like a model and I knew what I was doing. I will admit that when we did the finale, I intentionally walked slightly slower than everyone else ahead of me, so they slowly got ahead of me and there was a gap, so people would notice me even more. 😛 I know it wasn’t exactly professional, but I just wanted to see what it was like.  And they were all walking too fast. Everything went as planned, nobody tripped or fell.

I got so many compliments all evening that the other models loved what I was wearing and my groups shoes. We get to keep the shoes, but I am not into the style. I’ll give them to my sister. All the models got to keep their shoes, or rather heels in the other lines.

I wore a brown half-button up shirt, wool black/white shorts, knee-high socks, and bronze Oxfords. My hair was a deep part on the right and a low pony tail. Makeup was very neutral with coral lips and heavily blushed cheeks. The inspiration was 1920’s nautical, simple looks.My pants actually didn’t have a button on them near the zipper, so I was sown into the. One of the guys in my collection was sown into his shirt.

It was a lot of fun. The show had a reception before that was catered and had wine and champagne. I got to the show place at 10, we did a run through 11-1, lunch 1-2, and hair and makeup 2-7. Got dressed at 7, headed over, and started at 8. I didn’t leave until 10:30,  and got home at 11:30. The show ended at about 9:30, and we were taking pictures after. We waited for a certain photographer and there was a group ahead of us. I really had to use the restroom after drinking 2 bottles of water, so I went then. Of course, I wait for an hour, and the take the picture the only 3 minutes I am gone.

I’m going back today for the public viewing 3-3:30 for my line. I don’t really understand what today is. My group has a 30 minutes block, like all the others, but to do what? a 30 minute fashion show of 8 people? over and over again? Or do we just stand around and have people look at us? I don’t know, but I am going, even though it isn’t required. I have another fashion show next Thursday, a vintage bridal show at a church function with tea for something. And I have an interview/audition next Friday, the next day, in Santa Monica, 6 blocks from the beach. Awesome!

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of blueberries in your head.

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” -Mark Twain

That is as true as it gets for me, right now. There are 3 major things:

  1. I am in a fashion show this Friday. At the rehearsal last night,we were told that there are going to be six photographers. Four from Delta College, one from Sacramento newspaper, and one from Seventeen Magazine. Also at the rehearsal, there was a photographer. He took a few pictures of me and showed them to me. He didn’t show anybody else the pictures he took of them. The way the lighting was and how he took the picture, it looked like I was under a spot light on a dark stage, like in the movie Rent. And I noticed that he was trying to take pictures of me all night. Not only me, but he made an effort to find me, out of the 66 of us models, and snap a few shots of me. Pretty awesome. He is a really cool guy. Even though I only spoke to him for like a minute.
  2. My family has the chance to be on a reality T.V. show that is “casting” it’s first season. I don’t want to give away what it is called or what it is about. But there would be a camera crew following us for about 9 months. I ‘m not sure about the 9 months thing, because I don’t know how long a season of a T.V. show is. We haven’t had cable in about 5 years. I’m going to film the video requested by the producers tomorrow with the help of my mom.
  3. I am in the running finals to be cast in a “perform arts” in Los Angeles. The only thing preventing me to be cast is I would need to be in Los Angeles for a about a month. I can’t drive, so it would need to be me and one other person who can drive. My dad can’t get a month off work, my mom can barely stay away from the family for a few days, I still work at Forever 21, Kelsey has work, Jordan is in training for the U.S. Marines. I’m training with Varsity Tennis at the college I go to. Not to mention the two musicals my family will be involved in this summer, which will be happening at the same time. But the role is perfect for me. It is the part of a Drum Major. I was the Drum Major at my high school for two years, with my brother as my assistant for one year. It will be performed at the Disney Concert Hall for 7 performances, and I would get paid. I looked at the concert calendar, and I don’t see any performances that plays 7 times, though. Three one weekend, and 4 the next. The first weekend is public performances, and the second is the main event. I don’t know much more after that, though. 

And that is my big news for right now. I want to do more modeling, as opposed to acting, mainly because I have never done acting and I don’t think I have a real shot at it because I have a horrible memory. Anyway, I still have the fashion show to look forward to this Friday, and they extended it to another showing on Saturday because tickets sold out so fast. My parents didn’t even get a ticket. But, I don’t think they would go because it was $50 a ticket.  That’s fine. They can come Saturday.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of chocolate in your head.

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” -C. S. Lewis

Story time! I don’t know how else to type it other than this:

I had my first audition two days ago. Sort of. I guess. Not really. But I did. I was looking at my Mom’s a-mail at 10 pm, and I saw an audition for the next day that would be perfect for me. I looked the part of this person. It was a documentary. The deadline was 10, but we didn’t realize it until 10:10pm. So my Mom found out where the audition was going to be. It was at a church, so she googled it to find the ministers e-mail. She e-mailed him, and he forwarded my pictures to the guy that was doing the casting. So, I went. My mom went over the lines with me for about 30 minutes and left because Nina had an audition about 10 miles away. I went over them for about another hour before it was my turn, second to last of the day. Now, slating. I kinda know what slating is and how to. You say your name, and turn left for profile, right for profile. I said my name, and turned left for profile, but he gave me this “What are you doing, you newbie?” look. So I didn’t turn the other way to slate. Then he said “contact info?” and I had no idea what he was saying. I was never told they would ask that. And I don’t officially have an agent yet because I only sent my contract in today. So I said my agency, and my agent. I knew the lines outside. I didn’t know them inside. It was horrible. He probably thought I was stupid and had no idea why my agent sent me there in the first place. I said them wrong, I said them in the wrong place, I said the same thing twice. It was bad, in my opinion. My Mom said it wasn’t bad. I got my point across, i didn’t just stop and ask to start over. Yeah, that’s true. But it wasn’t ideal. So, it was done. But, I called my mom and Nina still hadn’t gone. and wouldn’t for a while. So, I ended up stuck there for 2 more hours. I sat on the grass at the end of the parking lot, where the casting director left 20 minutes after I was done. And he asked if I was okay. If I had a ride. How unbelievably embarrassing. First, I auditioned like I don’t know what acting is, now I look like I don’t have a ride. That I am a bum actor, for obvious reasons, that I can’t act, and am just chilling on the curb because I have nowhere to go. If my acting didn’t make them love me, that sure killed it. I’m a homeless actress. At the end of the block was a Trader Joe’s, a grocery store. So i walked over there and hung out, but there was nothing to do in there,. So I went outside, waited in the parking lot, and I finally decided to wait on the grass of the apartment complex next to the store and read my book. after about a half hour, LAPD helicopters were circling around where I was, really low, and I heard sirens a few blocks away. So I called my mom and asked her to hurry up and get gas after she got me. So we was on her way to get me, but the traffic was so bad, it took an hour to travel 10 miles on the freeway. She would have gone a different way but we don’t know the area. LAPD finally left about 10 minutes later. And then she picked me up. Other than that, the ride down south and back was uneventful, which is perfect. And, because I am a homeless actress, I wasn’t called back today. neither was Nina. I knew I wasn’t going to get the movie. Oh well. I still have my fashion show next week. I have a rehearsal and workshop on Monday and the show on Friday, all day. And we might be on a reality T.V. show for an entire season. A camera crew following us around for 9 months, leading to more exposure and possibly more, if any, jobs. I don’t want to give away the plot, but that’s all I really know. More updates later.

I leave you with peace, love, and the image of pickles in your head.