All Good Things To Those Who Wait…

…As long as you work for it and keep on track. Just wanted to say real quick… I GOT AN AGENT!!! Granted, this does not mean that I will get modeling jobs right off the bat. I have to go to many auditions, get denied, told no, be in the running, get call backs, and then maybe, maybe, I will be told I got the job or the gig. But it’s the start. It is my foot in the door. And I will have to work hard to push my foot in farther until my leg is showing, and push father and farther until my whole body is showing. This could be costly, having to pay for trips down to L.A., but I have a part-time job, if you call 2-4 hour weeks a job, and I am going to start saving. I am horrible at saving money, by the way. So far, it hasn’t worked. I would get a savings account, but you have to pay a fee to keep it open.

And with that joyful news, I leave you with peace, love, and the image of bananas in your head.


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